SWUG:Report 201003

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AmiGO and GO Database

  • New reference genome family-based status reporting
  • Loading of panther families
  • Refactoring of how xrefs are handled in database
  • Database extended to handle col 16 Annotation_Cross_Products
  • Database uses reasoner code for populating graph_path table


Software Libraries

Continuing development of go-moose, the object oriented perl library which will replace go-perl and go-db-perl. Includes a reasoner implementation and numerous useful ontology- and annotation-related scripts.


Production and Infrastructure

Ontology and Annotation Support

Quality Control

  • implemented Ontology Publishing Pipeline - checks for errors before publishing of ontology from editors version
  • Taxon constraints pipeline
  • GAF Inference from MF->BP


  • Using cross-products to automate Reactome-GO links