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Ontology Development & GO Editorial Office Report - September 2007

I. Ontology Development

  • SourceForge
    • Items opened: 49
    • Items closed: 49
      • GO Eds: 34
      • MOD curators: 2 (details in Appendix 1)
      • GO Ed/MOD collaborations: 11 (details in Appendix 2)
    • Items still open: 269
      • assigned, GO Eds: 47
      • assigned, MOD curators: 53
      • unassigned: 169
  • Other content items in progress
    • A bit more progress on sensu terms; plan to deal with last ones in eanest starting in October; see
    • David has gone through Chris' file of "regulation of non-process" anomalies; in some cases, new process terms are needed, and in other cases regulation terms need to be moved under regulation of molecular function or regulation of biological quality; lists now available on wiki:
    • Many synonyms for enzyme activity terms added, derived from EC via Expasy; an update/refinement based on IntEnz is on the way
    • Various SourceForge items

See monthly report in CVS for ontology statistics.

II. GO Editorial Office activities not represented in part I

  • Jane on maternity leave!
  • OBO-Edit working group:
    • Additional OBO-Edit 2.0 betas released and tested, including new search/filtering interface
  • Software hub group (Jane, Amelia):
    • AmiGO working group (Jane, Amelia)
      • Continuing development to prepare for next AmiGO 1.0 release
  • Advocacy group (Jane; Jen while Jane is away):
    • Slides for general GOC use (continued)
    • Usual gohelp traffic
  • Annotation outreach to be folded into advocacy/outreach
    • SOPs now live
  • Anything else
    • NAR database issue manuscript submitted (accepted Oct. 1)
Appendix 1: MOD curators' SF items
1789569 Harold
1775791 Harold

Appendix 2: GO Ed-MOD collaboration SF items - MOD curator(s) involved
1723526 Michelle
1724459 Doug
1768067 Pascale, Maria, Chris M
1787665 Colin Batchelor
1779479 David
703326 transport interest group
923627 Sue
1073073 David, Chris M
1428209 Chandra Theesfeld, Waclaw Kusnierczyk
1322405 Alex
1081679 Doug, transport interest group

(Note: "MOD curator" is shorthand for any non-GO-Ed curator)

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