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GO Editorial Office Report - September 2005

This has been an exciting month! Jane and Phil got married on
Sept. 15th, and are somewhere in Peru or the Galapagos on their
honeymoon. Hope you all saw the picture she sent!

Coming in a distant second on the news front, the GO Users Meeting at
MGED8 was quite successful. We had about 40 people for the first
sesson, of whom about 30+ came back for the second session. There were
a fairly large number (30-40) who apparently registered but did not
show up, possibly because the GO meeting was held concurrently with
some of the other MGED satellite sessions (and free registration may
have made for less of a sense of commitment). Neverthless, the turnout
was good, and we had lots of active participation on the part of the

Connecting a GO Users meeting with another, fairly large, conference
looks like a very promising route -- we should do it again. I've had a
few hints that the microarray community would be happy to have us run
a GO Users meeting at the next MGED meeting (Seattle, Sept. 2006, if I
recall correctly). We may also want to scope out other meetings that
would reach different communities (e.g. PAG, model organism meetings,

Finally, we and many other Consortium members assembled an update
article for NAR, which has been accepted for the January 2006 Database
issue. (Midori coordinated, including all the administrivia)

SourceForge items (a bit slow, as a result of all the other things going on)
  Items opened	81
  Closed by editorial office	67
   (note: 2 SF items closed outside GO-Ed. this month)
  Items in progress, assigned to editorial office	61

See monthly report in CVS for ontology statistics.

Content topics in progress:
  Development (Jen)
    muscle development
    histogenesis and other '-genesis' terms
  Transporters (Jen has contacted some experts)


Content topics resolved:
  term/structure/definition standardization, mainly for 'localization'
    and 'perception/response to' (Amelia)

  small things for SourceForge entries

other activities
    Users meeting - great success
    Planning for content meeting (Nov 15-16, 2005, TIGR)
      proposal for interactions between organisms, involving both
        content and annotations (Jane & Amelia)
    ARK-genomics meeting, Edinburgh (Jen) - see Annotation outreach

  Annotation outreach
    ongoing updates to database
    Jen's summary of outreach at ARK-genomics meeting:
      a) New outreach poster
      b) Report to go-top submitted
      c) Mediation between the European folks who want to annotate and
         the two farm animal databases that we know of in the US. It's
         going well but taking some time and a lot of diplomacy.
      d) Exploring other leads from the meeting.

    NAR manuscript accepted! Even the niggly administrative details
      are almost done (Midori)

  OBO-Edit beta testing (versions 1.000 beta98, beta10, beta11)

    new documentation for 'perception' processes (Amelia)
    redundancy documentation for annotation guide (Jen)

  mips2go mapping update still in progress (Jane)

  IMG terms to GO mapping in progress (Jane); meeting with Victor
    (plus MA and SL) took place as planned; will have to check with
    Jane as to what's next

  Another quiet month on the on mailing list; a few queries addressed

  GO Bibliography now has 621 entries