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Ontology Development Report - Sept 2010

I. Ontology Development


  • Items opened: 104
  • Items closed: 162
  • Items still open: 277
    • assigned: 211
    • unassigned: 66

Completed items

  • BPxBP (BP involved_in BP) cross-products added, QC ongoing [David, Chris and Tanya]
  • TermGenie logins now available for all ontology editors. [Chris, Seth, David, Jane, Tanya]
  • Various SourceForge items [all, but largely Midori]
  • Kidney terms are done [David]

Content items in progress

  • Another installment of transcription overhaul terms: types of RNA polymerase binding and activity terms [Karen and David]
  • Generic GO slim testing using an AmiGO labs tool [Jane, Val and Seth]
  • Continued submitting missing GOCHE terms to CHEBI [Jane]
  • Quality control continues as usual - reports generated by Chris (cronjobs)


  • GOCHE paper draft still circulating [David, Chris, Tanya, Jane, Harold, Midori and others]
  • Heart development paper is in development [David, Varsha]

Anything else

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