September2010 Annotation Advocacy Report

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Making Progress with updating Documentation

Rachael is working on the documentation for usage of Column 16 with Cell Type. This will be emailed around the GO list when first draft is ready.

Hard QC checks

Sent email out to collect ND reference. Updated the GO_Refs page.

Transcription overhaul

A call focusing on the transcription overhaul happened on 17th September, Karen presented the work so far. Karen would like to hold off on sending out obsoletion emails, as was requested during the call, because not all of the appropriate replacement terms have been created. The plan is to send the obsoletion messages when all appropriate transcription terms have been made.

Karen's slides as presented at the Bar Harbor Consortium meeting are here; TxnOverhaulKChristie.ppt

M. tuberculosis annotations

Almost 5800 annotations to M. tuberculosis from MTBbase were released as part of GOA's September release.

Monthly annotation conference call

A new annotation conference call is being set up for all curators in the GOC. The call is independent of the Reference Genomes call and will focus on annotation issues suggested by any of the curators. The first call was focused on the transcription overhaul (see above).

Annotation Jamboree

The plan is to have an annotation jamboree in November that is based on curators annotating a couple of chosen papers. A call-based discussion will happen when the annotation is complete to talk about issues encountered during annotation.