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telomere vs sub-telomere vs telomeric region

Stems from:

Current structure is:

chromosome, telomeric region ; GO:0000781
--[isa]nuclear chromosome telomeric region
--[isa]polytene chromosome telomeric region
--[partof]telomere cap complex
----[isa]nuclear telomere cap complex
----[isa]Tpg-containing telomere binding complex
--[partof]telomere-telomerase complex
--[partof]telomeric heterochromatin
----[isa]nuclear telomeric heterochromatin
chromosome, telomeric region ; GO:0000781
The terminal region of a linear chromosome that includes the telomeric DNA repeats and associated proteins.

Val suggests having terms for both:

  • telomeric region: includes telomere repeats + subtelomere
  • telomere ; includes telomere repeats

Anyone know anything about telomeres?

x-side of membrane terms

We can do better on the classification

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Should we refer to protozoa at all in GO?

Request for term here:

- although we already have a general (not cellular) one.

Apparently now considered too diverse a group to merit a taxonomic classification. Would be challenging to cobble together a taxonomic union class to cover enough.