SourceForge meeting 2014-10-22

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Discuss strategies for ontology requests

Several curators could not attend the meeting in Barcelona. We'd want them to be aware of what was discussed there. Take 10' at an annotation call and briefly go through an update? Main points I think:

- They all need to be aware that response time to ontology requests is going to become even longer

- They need to be informed of the main guidelines and decisions agreed upon at the meeting (starting with Jane's TG decision chart).

Also note that we need to resolve requests from curators who are leaving soon: Rachael, Susan, Prudence.

From the GOC meeting minutes:

Action: Val is will go through her tickets and move what she is comfortable into termgenie.

Action: Others should look throught their sourceforge requests and move what you can over to termgenie, if it is very important relative to others you have submitted, then elevate the priority. But this an option only for experienced users.

Adding terms via free form doesn’t mean it is less work for the ontology folks.

Paola: What are the types of term requests do you want to prioritize? People who are creating SF items should tell the ontology group what is the most important category.

Val: Obsoleting the metabolic process terms should be top priority for example and not the ntr.

Things that are left are the ones that are hard.

Val is going to move her terms to free form of term genie. Ruth will do the same and she will request a template if there is a common theme in her term requests.

Jane: if you think your request is easy to do bump the priority and it will get added soon.

Best way to close items is to meet the ontology editors in person. Jamboree worked very well.

Why do we have SF and term genie Free form. SF is a discussion forum, term genie is not.

How many genes are going to be annotated to that term? We can use that measure to prioritize?

NTR should be first priority and get them out of the way.

Can you tell if the curator cannot annotate at all or are they asking for a granular term?

Complicated terms (e.g. positive regulation of X involved in Y during Z) - editors should tell curators to annotate to individual terms and handle it later. Add a new tag called LEGO. Curator should make a LEGO model in Noctua.

Curators should add a note that they have a term that works for now, but would like the granular term. One can do this in protein2go, but it would be nice to do this in SF. Remind people in the Annotation call.

If some term requests can allow creation of a new template in term genie that should be top priority also.

Curators please review your pending tickets and see if any new term you need may be added via TG (but look at Jane’s TG decision chart first). If yes, please add via TG.

Content-specific topics (see e.g. - we may use funding when available, and/or look for experts near editors.