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Minutes on Google document

edit as required [google doc]

10:00 Review of management of GOC

New GO grant to start 1st March 2012

Will be funded with revised budget

Payline meeting in December

Options to be submitted to explain how cuts will change output.

Key aspect is to increase productivity and improve consistency.

Major blocks of organisms assigned

MOD responsible for their own species, however some groups will be responsible for organism ‘block’ eg vertebrates and will be responsible for ensuring all vertebrate groups co-ordinated.

PAINT project, textexpresso, common annotation tool included as a specific aims.

Cross-referencing using ChEBI, Cell types etc

Reference Genome project no longer a phrase to be used as this is the main role of the GOC and it has confused people reading the grant proposal as the reference genome sounds like a separate project.

Kimberley: how does this new grant change GOC approach/reporting.

Judy: quarterly milestones, now need to report every quarter on meeting our milestones.

Four key areas with set quarterly milestones:

Develop software to propagate annotations to any new genomes

Provide phylogenetic annotations for new genome groups

Phylogenetic annotations for families with specific biological domains

Annotate protein families

In addition:

Domain specific ontology development

Modularization of basic framework, molecular function, cellular component, biological process.

Judy: misuse/naïve use of GO is a problem.

Paper, blog, GO help, Workshops, GO user meetings, EBI usability groups, specific person with a role for ensuring GO help, users perspective and public face of GO is unified. List of what resources are available.

Galaxy, CACAO (10 universities now involved, skype). NCO Webinars. Bioinformatics training resource.

Range of users, therefore difficult to target, what is the range of users, do people use GO once, or regularly use GO, bioinformatic software.

Peter: graduate ‘usability’ trial, minimal advice, didn’t identify right click, didn’t understand colour scheme. Are people finding the tools, are they using them effectively, need to make more easily resource available.

Action item: discuss this towards the end of the meeting

Donghui: Tair Jira software demonstration, EBI has this software too, and Jane happy to set this up for GO.

Judy would like to use this for Project management

To replace source forge and GO help

Need a username to log in,

Tony: Set up how you wish in terms of access to different sections. Not able to create Gantt charts, can be used for project management. Need to set up main domains at beginning, as difficult to retrofit. Not sure about structure.

Midori: how easy to import and export data to SF?

Rama: do we need special access?

Tony: specific email addresses can be set up to open a new issue, or set up a new comment to a current issue.

Peter: it doesn’t support user conversations, as you have to be a registered user to see any comments.

Val: Agrees

Tony: public user option should be available.

Suzie: Looking for an alternative to Source Forge, Jira looks possible, Redmine?.