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Requirements for a GO wiki/tracker system

Our high priorities:

  • General
    • Calendar / time lines / to do lists to show what curators have planned
    • Create personal pages which show what someone is working on
  • Tracker
    • Add user configurable categories to an entry, e.g. how easy it is to complete, whether it would need people to look at annotations, which interest groups it may affect
    • Be able to configure the order of comments, perhaps with a hyperlinked index at the top summarising person/date for each comment
    • For obsoletions / changes, agree/disagree choices for GO consortium members to register their vote
    • Auto-email entries where people have to vote
    • If there's a specific person or persons you want to look at an entry, they will be alerted by email
    • As with SourceForge, people can choose to track an item, and it emails them each time a new comment is made to that tracker item - but - it only emails the new comment, not the whole thread (this could be a user configurable option)
    • Indication of a submitter's confidence in the proposal; is it complete and ready to GO, or are there questions (e.g. "I think we might need a new term here")
    • Indication of curator's opinion on how easy it will be to implement

Things that would be nice, but aren't essential:

  • RSS feed of new tracker items
  • Tracker features
    • Wiki features like comments, ability to put in pictures, links, attachments, etc., in a more intuitive way than SF offers; also ability to edit comments when you've written something incomprehensible or stupid!
    • Page counters so you can see if anyone else has looked at the item!
    • Be 'ontology-aware' - perhaps being able to draw subtrees in the entry, and edit other people's subtrees
    • New term suggestions can come in as OBO stanzas; might help encourage submitters to include definition, references, parentage, etc.
    • Import from SourceForge so we have a single archive

Other systems we saw and liked:

None of these would completely met our needs, but gives you an idea of the sort of thing we're


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