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GOC Meeting, Paris , May 12th - 14th, 2020




Be sure to have your current valid ID (eg passport) as it will be required to enter the institute !

GO Main Meeting Registration

Deadline: April 10th, or until full (max 50 people)

Optional: GO User Meeting Registration

  • There will be a GO User Meeting on Monday May 11. The aim of the meeting is to present GO and discuss with local groups.
  • If you wish to attend the GO User Meeting, you have to register here

Deadline: April 15th, or until full (max 50 people)

Consortium dinner May 13 at 8 PM

  • We'll have a diner cruise hosted on bateaux parisiens, close to the Eiffel Tower. From Pasteur, you can take the line 6 up to the station Bir-Hakeim
  • Full address: Bateaux Parisiens, Port de la Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris, France


Hotel Aberotel (recommended by Pasteur, 8mn walk)

24 rue Blomet, 75015 Paris

Email: aberotel@wanadoo.fr

Phone: +33 1 40 61 70 50


Hotel Eiffel Blomet (more modern, 12mn walk)

78 Rue Blomet, 75015 Paris, France

Email: info@hoteleiffelblomet.com

Phone: +33 1 53 68 70 00


Hotel Concorde Montparnasse (13mn walk)

40 rue du Commandant René Mouchotte, 75014 Paris

Email: reception@hotel-montparnasse.com

Phone: +33 1 56 54 84 00


Hotel Louison (13mn walk)

105 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris

Phone: +33 1 53 63 25 50

Email: welcome@louisonhotel.com


Hotel L'aiglon (24mn walk)

232 bd Raspail, 75014 Paris

Email: aiglon@espritdefrance.com

Phone: +33 1 43 20 82 42


Notes on Hotels

There are a number of pretty nice apartments in Paris, so if you have time, checking AirBnb could find you a gem for the same price.

If you don't mind taking the metro (2 stations on line 6 from Edgard Quinet to Pasteur), Hotel Sainte-Beuve is also very nice and closer to the center of Paris and Jardin du Luxembourg

Getting around


From Charles de Gaulles Airport, you can go to Paris through:

Public transport

Public transport (RATP) is usually very good in Paris and can get you pretty much everywhere: Downloadable Map. Metro are mostly to travel within Paris and RER, faster trains can get you to the suburban, including Versailles (~ 1h).

The station to get to the meeting is "Pasteur" (south west) and is deserved by both line 6 and 12.

If you want more precise / up-to-date itineraries than google map, you can use the [RATP site https://www.ratp.fr/en/itineraires].


Official Paris Taxi are easily recognizable thanks to their sign, a green light indicating they are available and will stop if you call them.

Shared ride

Uber is available in Paris but not Lyft.


Paris also has a number of biking stations called velib'.

Local activities

The Institut Pasteur is very close to the "Quartier Latin", a very lively part of Paris which concentrate most universities and engineering schools. The rue Mouffetard and the Place de la Contrescarpe are typical of a Paris student life and hold many restaurants.

This article gives some ideas of what can be seen in the area. In 25mn walk you can get to the Gardens of Luxembourg, 35mn will get you to the medieval museum of Cluny, 45mn to the island of the city with Notre Dame cathedral and the Sainte Chapelle (many classical concerts are usually available). If you prefer to use public transportation, taking the line 12 from Pasteur and line 4 from Montparnasse will get you to Saint Michel Notre Dame in 20mn.

Walking along the Seine river around that area and by a sunny day is always enjoyable. Along the way, it's easy to find the Louvres, the City town hall (Hotel de Ville), the Orsay museum and the Pont des arts which leads to the Institut de France where the French Academy of Science is.

A one hour tour of Paris by boat is also possible on the bateaux mouches for 14 euros and can be boarded at Pont de l'Alma.


Please add yourself to the table if you plan to attend! (If you don't have permission to add your name here, use that form) Don't forget to register and pay via Eventbrite

Name Organization? GOC meeting (May 12-14) GOC dinner (May 13) Users Meeting (May 11) Hotel Paid via Eventbrite
Chris Mungall LBL
Judith Blake JAX yes yes yes
Seth Carbon LBL
Eric Douglass LBL
Ben Good LBL
Jim Balhoff RENCI
Deepak Unni LBL
Paul Thomas USC
Huaiyu Mi USC
Laurent-Philippe Albou USC, LBNL yes yes yes N/A N/A
Dustin Ebert USC
Tremayne Mushayahama USC
Anushya Muruganujan USC
Pascale Gaudet SIB/GOC yes yes possibly
Alan Bridge SIB/Swiss-Prot/UniProt
Petra Fey dictyBase yes yes no Hôtel Aberotel Montparnasse
Suzi Aleksander SGD yes yes likely
Alexander Diehl University at Buffalo yes yes
Penelope Garmiri EMBL-EBI, GOA yes yes
Alex Ignatchenko EMBL-EBI, GOA yes yes
Maria Martin EMBL-EBI, UniProt yes yes
Rizwan Ishtiaq EMBL-EBI, GOA yes yes
David Hill MGI/GOC yes yes yes
Harold Drabkin MGI/GOC yes yes yes
Anne Morgat SIB yes yes
Marc Feuermann SIB yes yes
Patrick Masson SIB yes yes
Helen Attrill FlyBase yes yes
Peter D'Eustachio Reactome NYULMC yes yes yes Eiffel Blomet
Debby Siegele OMP Texas A&M Univ. yes, (may have to leave on May 14) yes yes Hôtel Aberotel Montparnasse
Rob Nash SGD yes yes no N/A
Edith Wong SGD yes no no N/A
Barbara Dunn SGD yes no no N/A

NOT attending (please indicate if you will attend remotely):

Sabrina Toro (ZFIN) will attend remotely
Mary Dolan (MGI) will attend remotely
Stacia Engel SGD will attend remotely

Remote attendees can join us via Zoom (Zoom link will be sent out before the meeting)