Annotation Advocacy Roadmap 2010

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Project March 2010 April 2010 May 2010 June 2010 July 2010 August 2010 September 2010 October 2010 November 2010 December 2010
Jamborees for Reference Genome Ongoing Annotation Jamboree on transcription (DONE)
Outreach to new groups document policy/guidelines for new annotating groups/jamborees (start) document policy/guidelines for new annotating groups/jamborees (finish)
Enforce annotation guidelines (absolute checks-annotations are wrong) phase 1 QC checks for protein binding annotations request for QC checks (DONE) formulate phase 2 QC checks, come up with pipeline (schedule for running these scripts etc.) request for phase 2 QC checks phase 1 QC checks for review phase 2 QC checks proposed (ND related) phase 1 QC checks implemented/testing
Soft QC checks (annotations that need to be reviewed but not removed) gather specs for taxon triggers, matrix checks, other checks from annotation WGs formulate soft QC checks, come up with pipeline (schedule for running these scripts etc.) soft QC checks specs soft QC checks sent to Software group
Documentation of annotation guidelines working groups formed (DONE) complete at GO Camp (DONE) guidelines in production (DONE)
Documentation of evidence code guidelines agreed to adopt a new evidence code system initiate conversation with ECO group and ? ratify IMP, RCA, IGI documentation work on details evidence code proposal presented to larger GOC (DONE. Comments received for second draft of proposal) new ECO in production
GAF file format guidelines for GAF2.0 (column 16) continue discussion on col-16 content at GO camp (DONE) Guidelines for Cell Type in Col. 16 sent to GO list for comment, guidelines in production (DONE)
Loading PAINT GAF files feedback discussion at GO camp incorporate PAINT inferences at MODs
Loading other GAF files initiate talk with Chris about inter-ontology inferences send email out to MODs to review/give feedback establish pipeline (resting place, updating schedule etc.) incorporate inter-ontology inferences
Educate curators on ontology development ongoing Annotation conference call on has_part relationship
AmiGO/QuickGO displays ongoing QuickGO interface re-development made public