Inferred from Experiment (EXP)

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  • This code is used to indicate that experimental results support annotation of a gene product's molecular function, role in a biological process, or subcellular location.
  • The EXP code is the parent code for the IDA, IPI, IMP, IGI and IEP experimental codes.
  • The EXP evidence code can be used where any of the assays described for the IDA, IPI, IMP, IGI, or IEP evidence codes is reported.
  • However, curators should annotate to one of the more specific experimental codes (IDA, IPI, IMP, IGI, or IEP) instead of EXP.

Examples of EXP Usage

DB Object ID DB Object Symbol GO ID DB:Reference Evidence Code With (or) From
PomBase:SPAC4A8.03c protein phosphatase 2C Ptc4 GO:0033549 (MAP kinase phosphatase activity) PMID:22139357 EXP

Use of the With/From Field for EXP

  • No value should be entered into the With/From field for EXP annotations.

When EXP Should NOT be Used

  • EXP should not be used when a more specific experimental evidence code can be applied.

Quality Control Checks

  • Not applicable

Evidence and Conclusion Ontology

ECO:0000269 experimental evidence used in manual assertion


Curator Guide to GO Evidence Codes

Gene Ontology website GO Evidence Codes list

Review Status

Last reviewed: February 23, 2018