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GOC website

(From Rachael/Ruth) When will this be publicly released?

There are some things that ought to be added before it goes public, e.g. at least what groups are in the Consortium and where our funding comes from.

We have suggestions for better layout of project pages, as it's not clear what the differences are at the moment. Also, it would be good to have a page for each GOC member group so they can add a description of their GO work and where the funding comes from (e.g. could add the funding body logos).

Site-wide Call on June 18th

Plans for Presentations

This should be announced on the GO Consortium email list as several people are unaware of it.

GO NIH Quarterly Progress Reports

Which groups should be preparing Q2 progress reports? This needs to be announced.

LEGO/Noctua Training

Is there user documentation for the tool? If not, do we need to coordinate writing this?

How best to coordinate tool development with users?

In the past, we've tried to have a LEGO working group, but this never quite got off the ground. Should we try again?


Present: Rama, Huaiyu, Paul T., Kimberly, Pascale, David, Rachael, Judy

GOC Website

Rama: Drupal site moved to Amazon cloud (lowest tier)

Reminder, discussion about testing

Create tickets in github for any bugs or feature requests

In general, we'd like to have as many resources and features in-house as possible

The current term enrichment tool still needs some features; Seth is aware of that

Please post issues to go-admin or email Rama

Rachael/Ruth: acknowledging funding sources

Would like to make sure that funding sources are acknowledged on the GO website before it is made public

Possible approaches:

Each group has their own page within the website to explain project and cite funding source

GO website lists groups/projects with grant numbers and link outs to project-specific sites

Rachael and Ruth have some suggestions for whoever is responsible for this information on the site

June 18th Call

Need to send site-wide email to remind people

Suggested agenda is on Google docs

Focused, 10-minute presentations on what are most important developments over the last three months, what major components of projects are next up for attention

One goal of this meeting is to make sure we are keeping projects on track

Quarterly Progress Reports

Should be written for consortium projects (e.g., PAINT, Ontology Dev., website, etc.)

Can also be written for annotation groups, but annotation groups do not need to report on the June 18th call


Paul T. has tried to outline items needed for development on github

The current tool is not very constrained with no semantics checks making it too flexible

Huaiyu is working on specifications/documentation for the tool so it is easier for users to understand what can and cannot be done for modeling

David will try to write some documentation about how to get started using the tool

Can Noctua be used to make conventional gene-by-gene annotations as well as LEGO models?

Curators are still concerned about how to balance resources for LEGO modeling vs traditional GO annotation

Will there be a GAF or GPAD output from Noctua?

How can we make better use of existing GO annotations for LEGO modeling?

We would like to resume a dedicated LEGO/Noctua conference call, perhaps on a weekly basis for a while until more people come up-to-speed on how to use the tool. BECAUSE OF THE CALENDAR SNAFU ANY FINAL DECISION IS DEFERRED UNTIL SUZI AND CHRIS HAVE BEEN BROUGHT INTO THE DISCUSSION