Manager Call 2015-11-18

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Annotation Contributions from External Groups (Kimberly)

  • How do we decide when to allow an external group to use Protein2GO (or any other annotation tool) for contributing annotations?
  • I've been working closely with a group that wants to submit lncRNA annotations and they would like to annotate a number of papers.
  • So far, we've been exchanging annotation data in a spreadsheet, but it would be easier to work with a curation tool.
  • Also, the group is annotating lncRNAs, but there is also protein data in the papers. Should we ask groups to curate everything in a paper or would we be okay with just taking a subset of annotations?

Update on GO user survey

Survey closed on Nov 15th. We had 600 responses, with ~1500 free-text responses. Paola is working on a report.

FYI, link to survey on website not very useful - had 2 responses only.

Preliminary data that may be useful for grant application:

You access GO annotations or ontology via...: (Multiple choices allowed)
GO website 65%; AmiGO 36%; QuickGO 21%; Other 40%.
How easy is it to find the information you want on the GO website?
~80% of respondents said moderately easy or very easy.
How easy is it to understand the information on the GO website?
~80% of respondents said moderately easy or very easy.
How responsive was the GO helpdesk to your questions?
~70% of respondents said very responsive or extremely responsive.
Did the GO helpdesk solve your issue?
~85% of respondents said yes.
In general, how useful are the GO ontologies, annotations or GO website to you?
~70% of respondents said very useful or extremely useful.
How would you rate the breadth, depth and quality of current GO annotations?
~75% of respondents said good, very good or excellent.