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This page describes how to create an 'Activity Unit', a building block of a GO-CAM model. An 'Activity Unit' minimally consists of a Molecular Function that is 'part of' a Biological Process and 'occurs in' a Cellular Component.

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Getting started

Adding 'part of' BP and/or 'occurs in' CC MF contextual information

  • Adding BP and CC contextual information to an MF annotation can be done by filling in the BP and CC fields in the 'Create Activity' form
  • Note that the default relations of the 'Create Activity' form are 'part of' and 'occurs in' for BP and CC, respectively
  • Add each GO term using the autocomplete list
  • Add evidence
  • Add a reference
  • Note that additional contextual information, such as 'has input', may be added to the Molecular Function of an 'Activity Unit'.

Saving your annotation

  • Once you have finished entering the contextual information for an MF annotation, the Save button at the bottom of the form will turn blue, and you can click on it to save your work.
  • If the Save button is disabled, click on the red 'Why is the Save button disabled?' message at the bottom left of the form to see an error report that will guide you in how to fix your entry.

Previewing your annotation

  • As you enter information into the form editor, you can click on the Preview button at the bottom of the form to see a representation of the annotation as it will be seen in the graph editor.

Clearing all fields

  • If you would like to delete all of the information in the fields, click on the Clear button at the bottom of the form.

Suggestions for continuing

  • Naming a model
  • Making a model production

Additional helpful information

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