Noctua Manual: Linking Activities in Form

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  • GO-CAMs aim to provide a causal representation of biological pathways and processes. To accomplish this, curators can link Molecular Functions to one another using causal relations from the Relations Ontology.
  • As you create MF annotations, they will be added, alphabetically, to the annotation table on the right-hand side of the form.
  • To link two activities, click on the 'Connect' icon to the right of the 'upstream' activity.
  • From the remaining list of activities, select the 'downstream' activity by clicking on the 'Select' icon to the right of the activities.
  • Step through the decision tree in the resulting causal relations editor as follows:
    • Is the effect of the upstream activity on the downstream activity positive, negative, or unknown/neutral?
    • Are the activities consecutive, i.e. does the upstream activity act directly on the downstream activity?
    • Is there an intervening, 'activity-regulating' process between the upstream and downstream activities, and if so, what is it?

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