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2.1-b13 released on 5/16/2011

Bugs Fixed

Can't restrict ancestor search by relation type in 2.1b12 (same bug)


  • As suggested by OEWG, all search aspects are once again available in search aspect menu. If user selects an aspect (Ancestor or Descendant) that requires reasoning and the reasoner isn't on, they get a pop-up error message.
    • (The previous solution--leaving Ancestor and Descendant out of the aspect menu when reasoner was off--confused users.)
  • Also, you can (once again) do filtered saves with Ancestor and Descendant even when the reasoner is off, because the filtered save method can start a reasoner.
    • Some users complained that these filtered saves that silently invoked the reasoner took so long they thought OE had crashed. Now the Progress window says "This filtered save requires the reasoner--please be patient." (Note that the progress string is limited in length--if you make it longer than that it gets cut off.)
  • Add verification check for single intersection_of tag
  • Changed wording of messages in OE and in installer about the fact that memory allocation is limited to 1860M unless you have a 64-bit JVM.

Future Work

  • Is_a closure broken
    • Filtered save with "is_a closure" checked doesn't save all the terms it should.


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