Proposal for Author Feedback for annotations

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  • We have been asked several times about the quality of our annotations
  • Paul T mentioned that, at the Synapse meeting, an author said the annotations made from his paper were not accurate.
  • How about we send a form to authors and ask if the annotations made from their papers is correct or not?


  • Goal is to contact authors of publications and ask them if they find the GO annotations made from their paper are correct.
  • We need a script to this. Here are the tasks for hte script:
    • identify papers for which annotations were made recently (2012 and later?). Check in AmiGO or QuickGO to get this data. [Paola: I'd suggest starting with 2015 and 2014 papers, to maximize chances of getting replies.]
    • extract the email address of the corresponding author from those papers
    • send an email to those authors using a google form or surveymonkey or some other form. A mock up of the form is available below.Whatever option we pick at the end it should be easy for us to analyze the data.
    • a key feature is to grab and embed the annotations in the form (hyerlinked) dynamically
    • icing on the cake would be to customize the form so that the emails come from the PIs of the respective projects (Mike for SGD, Judy for MGI and so on)
  • Mock up of the form: File:AuthorFeedbackGO.docx