11 FEB 2014 PAINT Conference Call

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1. Tool: PAINT v72 was released with bug fixes.
2. Annotation: Execution of apoptosis curation is completed.
The discussion was around what process to curate next.
- Li: GO annotation project has been around for over 10 years. PAINT annotation is very important as a QA process.
- Chris suggest vesicle transport.
- Huaiyu suggested inflammation or immune response. The annotations in these processes may have similar ontology or annotation issues as those found in execution of apoptosis.
- Paul suggested DNA repair and replication. After doing a animal process (apoptosis), we can probably do one that is conserved throughout evolution.
- Karen pointed out that it is more efficient to curate families that curators have expertise in.
- Li and Moni agreed with Karen.

The decision is DNA repair and replication will be the process for the community, and everyone is encouraged to curate families in the process. Curators are also encouraged to curate families in the processes that they are familiar with.

Paul will come up with the list of the PTHR families involved in DNA repair and replication.
Curators should provide the processes that they want to curate.
Suzi will put together a google doc to track the progress.