13 AUG 2013 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT meeting minutes 8/13/2013

- PAINT curation - Huaiyu suggested that everyone try to curate one family per week for the next 7-8 weeks towards the GO meeting.

- Pascale brought up the issue of the term "induction of apoptosis". This was originally from Paolo's email. The issue is that the term will be retired soon. Different MOD are doing recuration to remove it. But it showed up in the paint curation and propagated through IBA. Li: MOD should correct the annotation first. Suzi: In a more general term, how can curators be alerted when an annotation is changed. Right now, when a family is loaded to paint, it is automatically checked to see if the original "with" is still there. Maybe set up something on Jenkins.

- Software Suzi: is updating the paint to automatically capture the annotation comments. Her question is whether to keep a log of every change, or only the final annotation. For example, if a curator makes a propagation, but later decided to undo it, should it be logged as two events or none. After the discussion, it is decided that none should be recorded. However, if someone committed the paint curation to svn, and later decided to remove a propagation, it should be recorded. It is not possible to do it right now, but Suzi will look into how to record the "commit".

Karen: reported a bug on the propagation of qualifier.