14 July 2009 RefGen Phone Conference (Archived)

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  • Pascale
  • Tanya
  • Mike L
  • Stan
  • Kimberly
  • Emily
  • Ranjana
  • Varsha
  • Susan
  • Petra

PAINT-based annotations

  1. Is the format okay? to (a) visualize and (b) upload
  2. What would be the best way to suggest modifications to the file? SF tracker?
  • There has been a suggestion to use the GO Nuts wiki to visualize the annotations

by all groups and by the PAINT tool. Pascale sent Jim one GAF file for them to see if it's possible.

Using UniProt IDs for the gp2protein file

  • Action Item: Emily: will provide a list of mappings to secondary (obsolete) IDSs. Many MODs have issues with that.

Electronic Jamboree

  • Dates: Tuesday the 28th of July.
  • Target genes:

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