14 SEPT 2010 RefGen Phone Conference (Archived)

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Varsha Khodiyar (UCL)

Mike Livstone (PAINT)

Yasmin Alam-Faruque (GOA)







Li Ni

Suzi Lewis

Action Items

  • Suzi, Judy: find next curation targets (2 families in the wnt pathway)
  • SGD, Judy: look into what we need to do basal transcription and ceramide synthesis

Suggestion for next targets

  • Hearing: Susan Tweedie, Doug Howe, MGI
    • A group has support for annotation/analysis of genes implicated in hearing. A suggestion would be to annotate those genes only for hearing? or we can see how many genes there are and edit all.
  • Basal Transcription: Given that the ontology has just been fixed, and many genes need to be re-annotated, we could make this a ref genome project
  • Ubiquitin ligases: Swiss-Prot has annotated ubiquitin ligases over the summer. We could try skipping the MOD curation since Swiss-Prot has done some GO annotations. That would be a great opportunity to compare annotation processes of Swiss-Prot.
  • continue wnt pathway

Annotation Status report

http://amigo.berkeleybop.org/cgi-bin/amigo/phylotree Sven, Seth, Chris


wnt project update

  • Comments, questions, problems?

Status on uploading GAF files

  • Groups uploading files: UniProt, MGI, SGD, PomBase

Outstanding action items

  • Action: Figure out a mechanism by which taxonomic restrictions derived from PAINT could be fed back into the ontology taxon restrictions file [Paul and Jane]. Manager: Jane.
    • Pascale emailed Jane and Paul to check the status of that one.