17 Feburary 2015 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT conference call minutes, Feb. 17th, 2015

Participants: Rama, Pascale, Marc, Paul T., Moni, Karen, Huaiyu


  • review progress over last two weeks:


  • goals for this year (grant year 3, through end of Feb 2015):
    • target in grant was 1365 families annotated in yr 3
    • target was 3016 families annotated total in yrs 1-3 of grant
    • as of today, 870 families annotated
  • goal for next grant year
    • target was 1866 families annotated, total of 4882 by end of yr 4


PAINT curation progress

  • Huaiyu: PAINT curation has been slow. Not much going on since the GO conference.
  • Paul T.: The paint curation is behind the target, which is 1365 for this year ending at the end of Feb. GO tops discussed about this at the recent GO PI meeting.
  • Rama: The reannotation actually took quite a lot of time.
  • Karen: Familiarity with the biology knowledge can also play a role. It sometimes can take two days to curate a family if one is not familiar with the biology in it.
  • Huaiyu: Multiple factors contributed to this. 1. The original target maybe too ambitious. May need to set a more conservative target. 2. The paint software is still under development. Some functions still can't be done, such as the proper "NOT" annotations. 3. The commitment from paint curators.
  • Paul T.: Will continue to discuss among GO tops to figure out the best solution to increase the productivity of paint curation. It will be difficult to reach the target for this year, but need to get close to it.

PAINT software issue report

  • Paul T.: The paint call may not be the best venue to discuss about paint software issues. In the future, please correspond to Paul and Huaiyu about those issues. Paul is going to travel to NorCal on regular basis, and he will coordinate with Suzi to solve those issues.

PAINT call family demo

  • Paul T. suggested to continue to have family demos or discussions during PAINT calls.
  • Huaiyu: in the past, majority of them were to demonstrate a software issue. We need to keep in mind that we will focus more on biology in the future.
  • Huaiyu will put together a rotation schedule. He will also send out reminder to the presenters before each paint call. The presenters will send out family ids and share screens during the demo. It was also suggested that the presenters should send out screen shots of the tree in case screen share doesn't work during the meeting.