1 December 2015 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT conference call minutes, December 1st, 2015


Agenda and Minutes

PAINT touch up script update from Suzi

which version of PAINT should we be using? (Karen)

I am wondering which version of PAINT we are supposed to be using now.

I saw the GitHub issue (File structure change in PAINT2.0 #27) Huaiyu opened a few weeks ago about PAINT2.0 having changed the names of some of the files, of relevance to me today the change from .txt to .log. However, I don’t think I’ve seen an email or heard anything at a PAINT meeting that we were supposed to switch to use this version.

Thus, I am still using PAINT1.14. However, using 1.14 to try to update the notes for a family where the .gaf file was generated by splitting out annotations from a family that was split from Panther 9 to Panther 10 (see duplicate notes when splitting families #38 ), the notes aren’t loaded, presumably due to the file name change.

Roll back - checks


1. Sources: RefGenome and Go Central must be changed to "GO_Central" -> Who will do this ? Suzi ?

2. Is github issue #27about file names resolved ? ie .txt versus .log for the notes. -> Who do we need to notify ?

3. .log files shoul dbe changed back to .txt in the svn repository

4. Huaiyu needs to re-run the patch "Fix PTN ids in selected families curated after v.10 release" Huaiyu says that should not apply to families that were rolled back.

5. Three families from the roll back have different number of lines between the original file and the new file: PTHR10006, PTHR10142, and PTHR24126. Marc and Pascale will reannotate. Other changes to the svn: for ex: PTHR24067.gaf; log message : "GAF files with content", Suzi 27 Oct 2015 Original file has 8303 annotations lines, new file has 7235.