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'''Please contact Midori Harris (midori at ebi dot ac dot uk) or Holly Foster (nee Edwards) (holly dot edwards at ebi dot ac dot uk) if you have any questions.'''
'''Please contact Midori Harris (midori at ebi dot ac dot uk) or Holly Foster (nee Edwards) (holly dot edwards at ebi dot ac dot uk) if you have any questions.'''

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[[Category:Consortium Meeting Logistics]]

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Latest updates

  • The arrival dinner on Tuesday, Sept. 24th, has been moved to Restaurant 22, and will start at 7:30 PM.
  • New map available, with Jesus College and the two restaurants in town highlighted


GO consortium & SAB meetings September 23-25, 2009


Meetings, lodging and some meals will be in Jesus College, Cambridge, UK.

Meetings will be held in the Upper Hall room, and meals will be served in the the Prioress's Room.


Official Cambridge University map

Portion of Cambridge University map showing Jesus College view 1 view 2

Other selections from the Cambridge University map:

Google Maps:


Registration is now open, via web form.

Deadline: Please register by September 4 if you want to stay at Jesus College (more info below), or by September 14 if you don't need accommodation. If you miss the deadline, we can try to squeeze you into the meeting room, but you'll be on your own not only for lodging, but also for all meals, including lunch.

Note that there is a table of attendees below, but this time we are using it only to gather arrival and departure information for airport ride shares. You must register using the online form.

Additional note about the registration form: there is a page that asks about pick-up and drop-off, but it's only there because we're using a standardized EMBL web form. For these meetings, please just skip that page (it has a "Skip" button).

Registration Fee

Fees and payment methods are noted on the registration form. Quick summary:

  • GBP 109.20 (about $177 as of July 10) for both meetings Sept. 23-25
  • GBP 72.80 for only the GO Consortium meeting Sept. 23-24
  • GBP 36.40 for only the SAB meeting Sept. 25

Payable by credit card or bank transfer (note to US participants: if you're considering paying by bank transfer, check with your bank first to find out how much they charge for an international transfer, as some charge quite a bit); contact us if you have problems or questions about paying.

A receipt will be provided.

Lodging Information (deadline Sept. 4)

Please note that the deadline to reserve accommodation at Jesus College has passed. If you have not already booked a college room, you will have to arrange your own accommodation elsewhere in Cambridge.

We have reserved 40 single ensuite bedrooms in Jesus College from September 22 (check-in) to 26 (check-out), 2009. Room booking is part of the registration form; all you have to do is check the boxes for the dates you'll need a room.

Rate: GBP 59.50 per night (about $97 as of July 10)
This includes breakfast and wireless network, and is payable with your meeting registration fee.

Deadline: September 4, 2009
After Sept. 4, you will still be able to register for the meeting, but you will have to arrange your own lodging. If you need suggestions, please get in touch with Holly or Midori (see below).


You can indicate dietary restrictions on the registration form.

Lunch will be provided by Jesus College on all three days.

Dinners are noted on the registration form. Quick summary:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 22: Arrival dinner at Cotto Restaurant 22, Cambridge
    • Time: 7:30 PM
    • Menu: Choose from the small selection on the evening.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 23: Dinner at Jesus College
  • Thursday, Sept. 24: Dinner at River Bar & Kitchen, Cambridge
    • Time: 7:30 PM
    • Menu: Pre-order by September 22 (Tuesday) from the set menu for parties. Note: don't fill out the restaurant web form; we'll collect your selections by email after you've registered.
  • Friday, Sept. 25: Dinner at Jesus College

When you register, please sign up for all dinners that you plan to attend. For the two restaurant dinners, the cost of the food is payable with your registration fee and will appear on your registration receipt. Drinks are not included, and must be paid separately on the night (we'll collect as we've done at a few recent GO dinners).

Managing Remote Participation

We plan to offer remote access along roughly the same lines as at the last GOC meeting in Oregon: We'll use a combination of the GO Ready Conference and Stanford's WebEx to allow remote attendees to participate. The meeting room will be equipped with a single conference phone, plus the usual projector and screen. Remote attendees will be asked to mute their lines unless they would like to speak. Someone will be monitoring remote attendees either on the WebEx 'raise your hand' feature or on a skype chat to ensure that remote attendees get an opportunity to be heard. All presenters are asked to use their mouse to interact with their slides so the WebEx participants can see what you are pointing to. Where possible we encourage remote participants to share a single connection to the teleconference as this will reduce the number of connections and likely increase the sound quality for everyone.


Cambridge University "Getting to Cambridge" page

Train and bus transport is available from the major London airports. Or, if there are three or more people arriving or departing together, it can be time- and cost-effective to share a pre-booked taxi. Contact us if you would like a quote or for us to book a taxi. Note: do not take a taxi from Heathrow or Gatwick without booking in advance -- it's staggeringly expensive.

Also note the registration form there is a page that asks about pick-up and drop-off, but it's only there because we're using a standardized EMBL web form. For these meetings, you can skip that page (it has a "Skip" button).

Things To Do

Official Cambridge tourism site

Cambridge University Visitors page

Cambridge University "places and events to visit" page


Please register online.

Please fill in the Arrival and Departure table below if you would like to try a carpool to/from the airport.

Airport codes: LHR = Heathrow; LGW = Gatwick; STN = Stansted; LTN = Luton; LCY = London City

Name Organization Arrival Date/Time to Airport (see codes above) Departure Date/Time from Airport
Judy Blake GO / MGI Sept 22 / AA 108 arr 6:50 am to LHR Sept 27 / AA 109 dep 10:55 am from LHR
Brenley McIntosh EcoliWiki Sept 18 arr 9:35am to LHR Sept 28 dep 8:40am from LHR
Pascale Gaudet dictybase Sep 22 06:20 UA 958 LHR Sep 26 12:20 from LHR
Stan Laulederkind RGD Sep 22 arr 06:50 AA 86 LHR Sep 25 dep 12:50 AA 47 LHR
Kimberly Van Auken WormBase Sept 22 arr 10:15AM CO 110 LHR Sept 27 dep 10:25AM CO 29 LHR

Remote Attendees

Name Organization email (needed to set up your remote access) Attending GOC (Sept. 23-24) Attending SAB (Sept. 25) Calling in alone or in a group (with whom and from where, if known)
Peter D'Eustachio Reactome Peter.D'Eustachio@nyumc.org yes ? alone
Marcus Chibucos Institute for Genome Sciences mchibucos at som dot umaryland dot edu yes not sure Michelle Gwinn-Giglio from IGS (Baltimore, MD, USA)
Harold Drabkin MGI hjd@informatics.jax.org yes yes from jax; maybe with one other
Michelle Giglio Institute for Genome Sciences mgiglio at som dot umaryland dot edu yes only for PM GO clinic depending on how the times work out - may be along with Marcus at IGS (Baltimore) or alone at home
Alexander Diehl MGI adiehl@informatics.jax.org yes yes from home
Amina Abdulla LBL BerkeleyBOP aabdulla [at] berkeleybop [dot] org yes yes Alone - work and home
Mary Dolan MGI mdolan@informatics.jax.org yes yes Alone -- at home and at UMaine
Kara Dolinski Princeton kara@genomics.princeton.edu yes unsure alone -home
Li Ni MGI ln@informatics.jax.org yes yes alone - home
Lakshmi Pillai AgBase pillai@cvm.msstate.edu yes no unsure
Simon Twigger RGD simont@mcw.edu hopefully yes alone - home or work
Mike Livstone Princeton livstone@genomics.princeton.edu yes no alone, work or home
Barry Smith Buffalo phismith@buffalo.edu yes no alone, from Duke University
Jim Hu EcoliWiki jimhu@tamu.edu yes ? not sure. Alone or group from Texas A&M.
Petra Fey dictyBase pfey@northwestern.edu yes (mostly Wednesday) no not sure. Maybe with Bob Dodson.
Dmitry Sitnikov MGI dmitrys@informatics.jax.org yes not sure home alone


Please contact Midori Harris (midori at ebi dot ac dot uk) or Holly Foster (nee Edwards) (holly dot edwards at ebi dot ac dot uk) if you have any questions.