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|dbarrell at ebi dot ac dot uk
|dbarrell at ebi dot ac dot uk
|Either from the EBI or home.
|Either from the EBI or home.

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  • GO consortium meeting: March 30, 31 (half day)
  • Reference Genomes meeting: April 1


University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Erb Memorial Union (EMU), Fir Room.

Map of campus, http://map.uoregon.edu/

Map of the EMU, http://emu.uoregon.edu/map_popup.php?x=-50&y=-50&level=main&arrow=SE


Please add yourself to the table of attendees below.

Lodging Information

New Oregon Motel
1655 Franklin Blvd. (roughly 1/2 mile from the meeting venue)
Eugene OR, 97403

Rate (available from March 29 - April 3): $83.99 + tax
Code: "GO Meeting"


Registration Fee

More info as we have it...


Catering will be provided by the University of Oregon catering department, and will include morning snacks, lunches, and afternoon snacks, on each of the full days; and a morning snack on the half day.

A dinner will be held on the evening of the first day, March 30, at 7 PM. Location TBD. Please indicate on the registration section below whether you will be attending the dinner.

Vegetarian options will be available.


Eugene Airport - Mahlon Sweet Field

Portland Airport - PDX

Things To Do

City of Eugene Website

Visit Portland

Ruth Bascom Riverbank Trails are right behind the New Oregon Motel

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum

Hike at Howard Buford Recreation Area

Go for a run in Track Town USA!

Visit the Cascade Raptor Center

Visit the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History

See Mt. St. Helens if you have time in the Portland area


(please use the Arrival and Departure info columns if you would like to try a carpool to/from the airport)

Name Organization email (needed to set up your wireless access) Attending GOC (March 30-31) Attending Ref.Gen. (April 1) Food requirement (None, Veggie, Vegan) Yes, I plan on attending the dinner, March 30. Arrival Date/Time to Airport (EUG=Eugene or PDX=Portland) Departure Date/Time from Airport (EUG=Eugene or PDX=Portland)
Doug Howe ZFIN - University of Oregon dhowe@cs.uoregon.edu Yes Yes Yummy only please Yes
Judy Blake MGI&GO - The Jackson Laboratory Yes Yes Yummy only please Yes PDX, 8:14 pm rental car PDX friday 6 am
Suzanna Lewis BBOP&GO (LBNL) suzi@berkeleybop.org Yes Yes Yes TBD TBD
Kara Dolinski P-POD - Princeton Yes Yes Yummy only please Yes
Donghui Li TAIR Yes Yes Yes EUG 03/29, 11.25am EUG 04/02, 8am
Tanya Berardini TAIR Yes No Yes TBA TBA
Mike Cherry SGD - Whatsamatter U cherry@stanford.edu Yes Yes Yes EUG 03/30 - 1000 am EUG 04/01 - 600 pm
Stan Laulederkind RGD - Medical College of Wisconsin Yes Yes Yes PDX 03/29 11:07 am EUG 04/02 9:50 am
Rama Balakrishnan SGD- Stanford University rama@genome.stanford.edu Yes Yes Vegan if possible. Veggie works Yes EUG 03/29 8:40 PM EUG 04/01 4:50 PM
Karen Christie SGD - Stanford University kchris@genome.stanford.edu Yes Yes Yes EUG 03/29 8:40pm EUG 04/01 6:10pm
Seth Carbon BBOP - Berkeley [sjcarbon] _at_ [berkeleybop] _dot_ [org] Yes Yes None Yes TBD TBD
Chris Mungall BBOP - Berkeley Yes Yes Veg Yes TBD TBD
Karen Eilbeck U of Utah keilbeck@genetics.utah.edu Yes No Vegan Yes 12:17 PM, Portland, OR (PDX) Sunday 5:30 PM, Portland, OR (PDX) Tuesday
Eva Huala TAIR Yes Yes none Yes EUG 03/29, 8:40 pm EUG 04/01, 6:08 pm
Amina Abdulla BBOP - Berkeley [aabdulla] _at_ [berkeleybop] _dot_ [org] Yes No None Yes TBD TBD
Ranjana Kishore WormBase - Caltech Yes Yes Veggie Yes TBD TBD
Susan Tweedie FlyBase - Cambridge sart2@gen.cam.ac.uk Yes Yes None Yes EUG 03/27 17:27 EUG 04/02 13:54
Peter D'Eustachio Reactome Peter.D'Eustachio@nyumc.org yes no None Yes PDX 03/29 11:07 AM PDX 04/01 12:05 PM
Michelle Giglio Institute for Genome Sciences mgiglio@som.umaryland.edu Yes No None Yes TBD TBD
Paul Thomas SRI paul.thomas@sri.com Yes Yes None Yes EUG 03/30 - 1015 am EUG 04/02 - 1045 am
David Hill MGI - The Jackson Laboratory Yes No Yes TBD TBD
Rex Chisholm dictyBase - Northwestern r-chisholm@northwestern.edu Yes Partial None Yes TBD TBD

Remote Attendees

Name Organization email (needed to set up your remote access) Attending GOC (March 30-31) Attending Ref.Gen. (April 1) Calling in alone or in a group (with whom and from where, if known)
Jennifer Deegan EMBL-EBI jdeegan at ebi.ac.uk Yes No Either from the EBI or home.
Jane Lomax EMBL-EBI jane at ebi.ac.uk Yes No Either from the EBI or home.
Emily Dimmer EMBL-EBI (GOA group) edimmer at ebi.ac.uk Yes Yes Either from the EBI or home.
Rachael Huntley EMBL-EBI (GOA group) huntley at ebi.ac.uk Yes Yes From home.
Valerie Wood Pombase val at sanger.ac.uk Yes Yes Either from EBI or home.
Midori Harris EMBL-EBI (GO) midori at ebi dot ac dot uk yes yes home
Dan Barrell EMBL-EBI (GOA group) dbarrell at ebi dot ac dot uk yes no Either from the EBI or home.


Please contact Jon Knight if you have any questions: knight at uoneuro dot uoregon dot edu