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The GO meeting will be begin at 9am on May 19, 2011 and end at 1pm on May 21, 2011, and will be held at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


California Room
Davidson Conference Center (map)
University of Southern California
3415 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0871


Register by entering your name in the Attendees section below.

  • There will be a registration fee to cover the breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks, but we have not set it yet.

Lodging Information

Note: We will reserve the room for you to ensure the special rate, though of course you will have to pay at checkout. Just enter your hotel preference in the attendee table below. Campus is now full so registrants after 4/18 should select Downtown.

There are two choices for lodging: downtown Los Angeles and on campus. Downtown is only a 10 min. ride away (we will arrange for shuttle service and there is also fast, cheap local transportation on the DASH). If you want to share a room, please contact Pauline Martinez at pauline.martinez@med.usc.edu.

JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE
900 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Rate: $179/night

Radisson Los Angeles at USC
3540 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Rate: $144/night

Maps and Transportation

Airport to Hotel

  • LA taxis have a flat rate to downtown (not the USC campus) of $46.50 (not including tip)
  • Prime Time Shuttle
    • phone 1(800) 733-8267
    • USC rate to any USC location, including downtown: $13.50 per person

Downtown Hotel to USC Campus

  • We will arrange for a shuttle if enough people stay downtown
  • The DASH bus, route F runs every 10 min. on weekdays and costs 35 cents.

To do

Coming soon.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda can be found here: 2011_USC_Meeting_Agenda


Name Organization Arrival Date/Time from Airport Departure Date/Time to Airport Hotel pref. (Downtown/Campus) Vegetarian (Y/N)
Paul Thomas USC/PANTHER N/A N/A Downtown N
Paul Sternberg Caltech/Wormbase
Suzi Lewis LBNL Downtown Marriott
Mike Cherry Stanford/SGD 1900 / May 18 1500 / May 21 Downtown Marriott N
Judy Blake Jackson Laboratory/MGI 1650 / May 18 1110 / May 22 Downtown Marriott (5 nights) N
Rama Balakrishnan SGD, Stanford University May 18 May 21 Downtown Marriott Y
Valerie Wood PomBase, Cambridge University May 18 13:40 May 22 17:45 Campus (4 nights) N
Doug Howe ZFIN, U. Oregon May 18 5:40PM May 21 Campus (3 nights) N
David Hill Jackson Laboratory/MGI May 18th 1:36PM May 21st 11:00PM Campus N
Harold Drabkin Jackson Laboratory/MGI/PRO May 18 tbd May 21 tbd Campus N
Eurie Hong Stanford/SGD May 18 May 21 Downtown N
Tanya Berardini TAIR May 18 May 20 Campus (2 nights) N
Donghui Li TAIR May 18 16:25 May 21 14:55 Campus (3 nights) N
Eva Huala TAIR May 19 07:40 May 21 14:30 Campus (2 nights) N
Susan Tweedie FlyBase May 18 13:40 May 22 17:45 Campus (4 nights) N
Julie Park Stanford/SGD May 18 May 21 Downtown N
Stan Laulederkind RGD May 18 May 22 Campus (4 nights) N
Rebecca Foulger GO-Editorial May 18 13:40 May 22 17:45 Campus (4 nights: booked by EBI) N
Paola Roncaglia GO-Editorial May 18 13:40 May 22 17:45 Campus (4 nights: booked by EBI) N
Emily Dimmer GOA May 18 13:40 May 22 17:45 Campus (4 nights: booked by EBI) N
Tony Sawford GOA May 18 13:40 May 22 17:45 Campus (4 nights: booked by EBI) N
Claire O'Donovan UniProt/GOA May 18 13:40 May 22 17:45 Campus (4 nights: booked by EBI) N (but coeliac)
Seth Carbon BBOP May 18 May 21 Downtown Marriott (3 nights) N
Marcus Chibucos Institute for Genome Sciences/ECO 18 May, time ? 21 May, time ? Campus (3 nights) Y (pescetarian)
Hans-Michael Muller Textpresso / California Institute of Technology N/A N/A N/A N
Jim Hu PortEco/EcoliWiki/Texas A&M May 18 May 21 Downtown N (Lac-)
Kimberly Van Auken WormBase May 16, 9:00pm LAX May 21, 10:00pm LAX N/A Y, please
Fiona McCarthy AgBase tbd, LAX tbd, LAX Campus N
Ruth Lovering BHF-UCL May 18 13:40 May 22 17:45 Downtown (4 nights) N
Sarah Burge InterPro May 18 13:40(ish) May 22 17:45(ish) Campus (4 nights: booked by EBI) Y
Petra Fey dictyBase May 18 tbd May 21 tbd Downtown (3 nights) Y
Heiko Dietze LBNL May 18 (5:25 Pm) May 21 (5:20 Pm) Downtown (3 nights) N
Amelia Ireland BBOP May 18 tbd May 21 tbd Downtown Y
Chris Mungall BBOP May 19 am May 21 tbd Downtown Y

Remote Attendees

Name Organization email (needed to set up your remote access) Time Zone
Anushya Muruganujan USC/PANTHER muruganu@usc.edu PDT
Peter D'Eustachio NYU / Reactome deustp01@nyumc.org EDT
Mike Livstone (Friday only) Princeton/P-POD livstone@genomics.princeton.edu EDT
Li NI Jackson / MGI ln@informatics.jax.org EDT
Terry Meehan Jackson / GOC /CL Terry.Meehan@jax.org EDT
Lakshmi Pillai AgBase laksrp@gmail.com CDT
Cathy Gresham AgBase gresham@cse.msstate.edu CDT

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