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The Fall 2013 GO Consortium meeting will be held October 4-6, in Bar Harbor, ME. On the 3rd, we are considering scheduling a few small working-group sessions. Communication about this meeting will be done via the GO-list. If you are not registered for the GO-list please do so. GO mailing list subscription


Meeting information


The meeting will be held in the Bar Harbor Club. The primary meeting hotel, Harborside Hotel, is next door to the Bar Harbor Club; both located in downtown Bar Harbor.

Lodging Information

Harborside Hotel (downtown BHB, next to meeting venue) for rooms (set aside for 3 nights, Thu, Fri Sat)

  • Two double bed $239.
  • Premium King $209.
  • Deluxe King $229.
  • Premium King $229.


Online registration code: GOC13; otherwise call 1-800-288-5033

Bar Harbor Regency

  • $149 / night

Booking Online registration code: JLG; or call 1-800-234-6835

Please book your rooms when you register so we know we have enough rooms.


Bangor International Airport - This is the nearest airport that is served by USAirways and Delta airlines. See shuttle service below. We hope to co-ordinate shuttle service.

Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport - This is the closest airport. However, only small planes from Boston fly to it (Cape Air, Penn Air). These flights come in from Terminal C (Jet Blue, United).

Ground transportation

Bar Harbor Shuttle LLC - Bar Harbor Shuttle LLC is located in Bar Harbor and makes at least 4 round-trip runs to Bangor on a daily basis between June and October. They are not usually able to provide a departure from Bangor any earlier than 11:30 (but call to be sure). Bangor to Bar Harbor costs $40 one say and they offer discounted rates for round-trip tickets and Group Rates for 3 or more on the same reservation. Phone: 207-479-5911

At Your Service Taxi - operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round and accepts most major credit cards and reservations. Great for local transit around Bar Harbor. Will also pick up/drop off at Bangor Airport; cost one way is $95. Phone: 207-288-9222

Bar Harbor Coastal Cab - charges a flat rate for rides. When you call, they tell you exactly how much it is from where you are to where you want to go. Does local transit around Bar Harbor, and also does taxi tours of the island or Acadia NP. Will also pick up/drop off at Bangor Airport; cost one way is between $90-100, depending on time of year. Phone: 207-288-1222


Please fill in the Attendees table below.

  • Registration fee: $150.00 US

includes conference dinner

Please be prepared to pay in US dollars at the meeting. For other arrangements, please contact Annie McDonnell, 1-207-288-6885 annie.mcdonnell at jax.org

Remote attendees please register on the table.

Remote Attendees

For audio and visual we will be using GoToMeeting. An invite will be sent to the GO list and you will need to download the software to join the meeting.

Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner will be held at 5:30 pm on Friday night Oct 4 at Cafe This Way.
Cafe This Way is within walking distance of the meeting venue.


Judy Blake (judith.blake at jax.org)
Harold Drabkin (harold.drabkin at jax.org)
Annie McDonnell (annie.mcdonnell at jax.org)

Local Information



Averages for October: 59°F high, 42°F Low

see weather graphic


Local activities

Some suggestions:


Name Organization Nights required for accommodation (Oct 3,4,5) Airport (BGR or BHB) and ETA (for coordinating shuttles) Remote attendee? (Y/N) Attending conference dinner? Dietary requirements
Hans-Michael Muller Caltech (WormBase/Textpresso) Oct 2-5 TBD N Y None
Ruth Lovering BHF-UCL Oct 2-5 (Booked in Regency) BHB arrive Wed 02-Oct-13 16:00; leave Sun 06-Oct-13 16:30. would be happy to share a shuttle from/to BHB N Y None
Paul Sternberg Caltech, WormBase Oct 3-5 N Y 1 lobster/week
Kimberly Van Auken Caltech, WormBase Oct 2-5 (Harborside) Arrive BGR 10/2 3pm; Depart BGR 10/6 1:25pm would be happy to share a shuttle from/to BGR N Y Ovo-lacto veg (Paul can have my lobster)
Jane Lomax EBI Oct 2-4 (Booked in Regency) BHB 4pm N Y - Lobster None
Paola Roncaglia EBI Oct 2-5 (Booked in Regency) 10/2 BHB @8:05 PM N Y - Lobster None
Helen Parkinson EBI Oct 3-5 N Y No shellfish
Rolf Apweiler EBI Oct 3-5 N Y None
Susan Tweedie FlyBase/EBI Oct 2-5 N Y None
Rebecca Foulger GO-EBI Oct 3-5 (Booked in Regency) 10/3 BHB @8:05 PM N Y - Lobster None
Judy Blake JAX, MGI local N Y None
Harold Drabkin JAX, MGI local N Y None
David Hill JAX, MGI local N Y None
Karen Christie JAX, MGI NA N Y - lobster None
Li Ni JAX, MGI NA N Y None
Mary Dolan JAX, MGI NA N Y None
Dmitry Sitnikov JAX, MGI NA N Y None
Joao Ascensao JAX, MGI NA N Y None
Seth Carbon LBL, Berkeley @Cromwell 10/2 BHB @8:05 PM N Y None
Heiko Dietze LBL, Berkeley Oct 2-6 @Cromwell Oct 2nd BHB 6:45pm N Y None
Chris Mungall LBL, Berkeley Oct 2-5 regency N Y Veggie (but will eat lobster)
Suzi Lewis LBL, Berkeley Oct 3-5 N Y None
Shur-Jen Wang Medical College of WI (RGD) Oct 3-5 (Harborside) Oct 3rd N Y-lobster None
Peter D'Eustachio Reactome, NYUMC @Anchorage N Y None
Pascale Gaudet SIB Oct 3-5 N Y None
Alan Bridge SIB remote remote Y na na
Mike Cherry Stanford University (SGD) Oct 2-5 (Harborside) 10/2 BHB @6:45 PM N Y None
Edith Wong Stanford University (SGD) Oct 2-5 (Booked in Regency) Oct 2nd BHB @ 6:45pm N Y -lobster None
Rama Balakrishnan Stanford University (SGD) Oct 2-5 (Booked in Regency) Oct 2nd N Y Vegetarian, Vegan if possible
Paul Lloyd Stanford University (SGD) Oct 2-5 (Booked in Regency) Oct 2nd N Y no shellfish
Tanya Berardini TAIR local N Y (lobstah) None
Eva Huala TAIR Oct 3-6 (Harborside) 10/2 BHB @8:05 PM N Y None
Jim Hu TAMU PortEco Oct 3-5 (Harborside) Oct 3rd 10:38 pm BGR N Y None
Doug Howe U. Oregon, ZFIN Oct 4-5 (Harborside) Oct 3rd 10:38 pm BGR N Y - Lobster None
Rachael Huntley UniProt, EBI Oct 2-6 (Harborside) Arrive Oct 2nd 6.45pm BHB; Depart Oct 6th 3.35pm BHB N Y Ovo-Lacto vegetarian
Claire O'Donovan UniProt, EBI Oct 3-5 N Y Gluten Free
Maria Martin UniProt, EBI Oct 3-5 N Y None
Tony Sawford UniProt, EBI Oct 3-5 N Y None
Huaiyu Mi USC Oct 2-5 N Y None
Paul Thomas USC Oct 3-5 N Y None
Moni Munoz-Torres LBNL Oct 2-6 (Cromwell) 10/2 BHB @8:05 PM N Y None
Val Wood PomBase Oct 2-5 regency BHB 4pm 2nd N Y None
Petra Fey dictyBase Oct 3-5 Oct 3. BHB 4 pm N Y No red meat
Midori Harris PomBase N/A N/A Y N N/A