2013 Cambridge GOC Meeting Agenda

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The 2013 GO Consortium meeting will be held 11-13 April, in Cambridge, UK, immediately following Biocuration 2013.

2013_04_11 Meeting minutes on Google Docs

Thursday (starts at 8:45)

2013_04_11 meeting minutes on Google Docs


GOAL:Provide community with ability to obtain and use GO resources

Coffee break (10:30-11)

Comparative and Phylogenetic Annotations

  • PAINT progress, including overview of SOPs
    • PAINT progress overview (Paul T.) (11-11:15)
    • SOP overview plus example (Donghui) (11:15-11:45)
    • Examples of annotation issues in PAINT, plus discussion (11:45-12:30) (Paul T, Pascale)

Lunch (12:30-1:30)

    • Update on JsPAINT (Chris/Suzi) (1:30-1:45)
  • Jenkins for QC - http://build.berkeleybop.org/view/GAF/ (Heiko) (1:45-2)
  • ECO update (Chris) (2-2:15)
  • New rules for ISO mouse/human/rat when M:N gene sets (Judy) (2:15-2:35)

Literature Annotation

Coffee break (3:30-4)

  • Curation tools: transition to Protein-GO, prospects for text-mining integratrion (4-5)

Biological Knowledge

  • Transition to OWL progress and status (Chris) (5-5:30)
  • Interaction between ontology development and annotation (5:30-6)
    • Current mechanisms: tracker, TG, Jira (Jane)
    • Update on existing TG templates, tree browser esp CHEBI, numbers of terms added (Jane) Media:TGreview_Cambridge_April13.pdf
    • TermGenie freeform demo (Jane)

Dinner at Moller Centre (7pm)

Friday afternoon breakout sessions

1. Annotation Extension 1.30-2.30pm

Interested in attending: Jane, Rachael, Susan, Petra, Mary, David, Midori, Chris, Kimberly, Ruth, Donghui, Tanya, Val, Harold,
Rama, SGD curators, Rebecca, Li, Prudence, Doug

2. Cell cycle 2.30-3.30pm

  • WG to work through outstanding issues
Interested in attending: Jane, Rachael, Susan, David, Tanya, Val, Paola, Rebecca, Prudence

3. PAINT Meeting - Huaiyu 3.30-4.30pm

  • including ontology developers
  • Look at annotation consistency
Interested in attending: Jane, Susan, Ruth, Donghui,Val, Rama, Li


Biological Knowledge (continued)

  • Cross-product status, inc cell type (David) (8:30-9)
  • Cell cycle report (Val) (9-9:30)
  • Annotation expressivity
    • LEGO
      • Test example: Wnt signaling (David) (9:30-10)
      • Implementation plan (Chris) (10-10:30)

Coffee break (10:30-11)

      • Mapping to community representations, e.g. BioPAX, SBGN (Huaiyu) (11-11:15)
    • Annotation extensions (Rachael) (11:15-11:45)
      • Annotation relations
    • GPAD status (Chris) (11:45-11:55)

Meeting wrap up and action item review (11:55-12:30)

Action Item Review and Reports

Caltech meeting minutes meeting minutes as a Google Doc

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