2014 Barcelona GOC Meeting Agenda

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  1. With/From field cardinality proposal(Rachael)
  2. Annotation extension relationships, preferably in a breakout group as well as in main meeting (Ruth)
  3. Discussion of catabolism and biosynthesis (Pascale)
  4. Discussion on 'protein dimerization activity' vs. e.g. 'protein homotetramerization' (MF vs BP). See summary here: http://sourceforge.net/p/geneontology/ontology-requests/11087/ (Paola)
  5. Refresher/overview of available TG templates
  6. CAT, Protein2GO (Kimberly, Chris, Michael M., Tony)
  7. LEGO models of annotation extensions (David OS)
  8. PAINT Jamboree debrief, future directions (Huaiyu, Pascale)
  9. Clarity vs Expressiveness in GO - striking a balance (David OS working on a white paper on this).
  10. Progress in moving GO editing and annotation extension relations to OWL. (David OS)
  11. Pilot project to replace NCI thesaurus 'biological process' branch with GO biological process (Chris)
  12. GO and human disease (Chris)
  13. Enrichment analyses - tool(s), data sets, community interactions/education
  14. High-level protein family classification (Jane)