2017 Cambridge GOC Signalling Workshop

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Planned Schedule

  • Sunday October 1st:
  • Meeting will run from 9am to 5:00pm.
  • Val, Giulia and Helen will be loitering near the entrance at 8:45am to show you to the meeting room. If you are late we should be in the room on the ground floor, left hand corner as you face the buiding entrance. You can knock on the window. (Just like in "Wuthering Heights").


Signalling Workshop Agenda

Minutes and useful links

  • google minutes Signaling workshop hopefully this link will enable everyone to edit the doc

Items agreed

Hopefully no further discussion required:

  1. All signaling ontology terms should have a defined start and end - work on the ontology is required
  2. GO-CAM models will be created to present clear views of what is part of a pathway, what regulates the pathway, and what is causally upstream of the pathway
  3. The Cambridge meeting will focus on a selection of specific pathways
  4. Annotation conference calls will spend some time looking at these

Pre-meeting github tickets

signaling project at GitHub


Please add your name to the table and indicate if you intend to participate in the pre-meeting discussions

Number Name Organization Participate in pre-meeting discussions Request funding for Saturday night hotel accommodation near meeting Interested in attending Sunday 1st October
1 Valerie Wood PomBase (Cambridge) Yes No Yes
2 Helen Attrill FlyBase (Cambridge) Yes No Yes
3 Giulia Antonazzo FlyBase (Cambridge) Yes No Yes
4 Ruth Lovering UCL Yes No Yes
5 Sandra Orchard EBI-UniProt/GOA/IntAct No Yes
6 Petra Fey dictyBase Yes Yes Yes
7 David Hill GOC/Jackson Laboratory Yes Yes Yes
8 Stacia Engel SGD Yes No Yes
9 Kimberly Van Auken WormBase Yes Yes Yes
10 Sabrina Toro Zfin Yes Yes Yes
11 Pascale Gaudet GOC/nextprot Yes Yes Yes
12 Chris Mungall LBNL To the extent I can Yes Yes
13 Shur-Jen Wang RGD Yes No Yes
14 Elizabeth Bolton RGD Yes No Yes
15 Penelope Garmiri EBI-UniProt/GOA Yes No Yes
16 Paul Thomas USC Yes No Yes
17 Seth Carbon LBNL No No Yes