2018 Montreal GOC Meeting Agenda

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Milestones to be met for the Montreal meeting

GO rules update, pipeline and error reports

Eric & Pascale

Pipeline documentation

Kimberly, Pascale, Chris, Seth, etc Must be completed (as much as possible) and announced http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Release_Pipeline

Ontology and Annotation documentation update

David, Kimberly and Pascale (random thoughts:

  • Ontology: mention the creation of 'projects' in GH where we moved old projects, so that its' easier t find old discussions

GO website migration

Laurent-Philippe, SuziA, etc

Noctua 1.1

Kimberly Seth, etc


PAINT GAF file generation QC

Huaiyu and Pascale

PAINT tickets

Marc & Pascale https://github.com/geneontology/go-annotation/labels/PAINT%20annotation



  • Signaling 2017 update
  • Transcription reviews
  • ECM reviews



  • MF refactor update, including transcription
  • ECM update

GO subsets update


  • Deprecated a number of unused/unmaintained subsets
  • Show subset yaml files and how they are used
  • Each subset needs a maintainer

Suggestions for topics Fall 2018

Carried over from May 2018

New topics

Representing complete proteomes (added by Val)

Datasets (obtaining/maintaining complete datasets with unique identifiers)
  • Which organisms other than cerevisiae and pombe have looked at all protein coding genes for the availability/possibility of GO annotation? If anyone is interested, there is a very quick/easy way to establish the difference between: (1) "not in the GO database (not found); (2) "unknown" (ND), and (3) "unannotated" (no ND, and no annotation in Aspect of interest) for your organisms proteins using the complete known protein ID set for your organism and the GO term mapper tool https://go.princeton.edu/cgi-bin/GOTermMapper (GOTermMapper provides these numbers as part of the output so that the slim set results can be interpreted correctly).