2018 Montreal GOC Meeting Agenda

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Milestones to be met for the Montreal meeting

GO rules update, pipeline and error reports

Eric & Pascale

Pipeline documentation

Kimberly, Pascale, Chris, Seth, etc Must be completed (as much as possible) and announced http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Release_Pipeline

Ontology and Annotation documentation update

David, Kimberly and Pascale (random thoughts:

  • Ontology: mention the creation of 'projects' in GH where we moved old projects, so that its' easier t find old discussions

GO website migration

Laurent-Philippe, SuziA, etc

Noctua 1.1

Kimberly Seth, etc


PAINT GAF file generation QC

Huaiyu and Pascale

PAINT tickets

Marc & Pascale https://github.com/geneontology/go-annotation/labels/PAINT%20annotation



  • Signaling 2017 update
  • Transcription reviews
  • ECM reviews



  • MF refactor update, including transcription
  • ECM update

GO subsets update


  • Deprecated a number of unused/unmaintained subsets
  • Show subset yaml files and how they are used
  • Each subset needs a maintainer

Suggestions for topics Fall 2018

Carried over from May 2018

New topics

Representing complete proteomes (added by Val)

Datasets (obtaining/maintaining complete datasets with unique identifiers)


  • Which organisms other than cerevisiae and pombe have looked at all protein coding genes for the availability/possibility of GO annotation?
 Establish the difference  between: 
 * (1) "not in the GO database (not found); 
 * (2)  "unknown" (ND),  
 * (3) "unannotated" (no ND, and no annotation in Aspect of interest) 

(difference can be established using the complete known protein ID set for your organism and GO term mapper https://go.princeton.edu/cgi-bin/GOTermMapper)