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GOC Meeting, Berkeley, October 7-10, 2019


  • Via Eventbrite--pay online with credit or debit card or Paypal
    • $130 registration fee covers coffee & snacks for the 2.5-day GOC meeting, as well as 2 lunches and the Consortium dinner on Oct 9 (not including alcoholic beverages). It does NOT cover any expenses for the User Meeting or the SAB meeting.
  • Please also fill in the fields in the Attendees list at the bottom of this page.

Overall schedule

  • Monday, October 7: User Meeting (9:00am-5pm)
  • Tuesday-Thursday October 8-10: GOC Meeting (9am-5pm first 2 days, 9am-12:30pm third day)
  • Friday, October 11, 9am-3pm: SAB Meeting, 717 Potter room 248. (SAB dinner will be Thursday, Oct 10)

Consortium dinner

User Meeting

  • Monday, October 7 at the same location as the main meeting (717 Potter St., Berkeley).
  • Note that food and beverages at the User Meeting are not covered by the GOC meeting registration fee--you are responsible for paying for your own food and beverages during the User Meeting.

SAB Meeting


The closest airports are San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK). From either of those, you can take BART to Berkeley and get a taxi/Lyft/Uber from the Ashby BART station.

Scroll down to the "Getting around" section for more info.


These are listed in increasing order by price. The Four Points by Sheraton is the only one that's walking distance (1.4 miles) from the meeting location; the others are downtown, a short drive away. This map shows the relative locations of the hotels.

For travel to our building, we will arrange for attendees to have access to the LBNL Potter St. shuttle to our building from downtown Berkeley.

Downtown Berkeley Inn

  • Address: 2001 Bancroft Way, Berkeley (2.4 miles from the Potter Street meeting location)
  • Phone: (510) 843-4043
  • Rate: LBNL rate is $129/night (normal rate $139/night).
  • How to book: Phone (don't book online) and ask for “LBL” or “Gene Ontology” room block.
    • 10 rooms reserved--we may be able to get more if needed.
    • Check in as early as Oct 6; check out as late as Oct 12.
    • Last day to get the group rate: September 6, 2019.
  • Description: Very basic, but adequate.
  • Advantages: Cheapest option. Fairly close to downtown Berkeley.

Four Points by Sheraton Bay Bridge

  • Address: 1603 Powell Street, Emeryville (1.4 miles from the Potter Street meeting location),
  • Phone: 1-800-325-3535
  • Rate: $175/night (single or double) block rate for “Gene Ontology / GO meeting”.
  • How to book: Book using this link: https://www.marriott.com/events/start.mi?id=1563407776453&key=GRP or call 1-800-325-3535 and ask for the “Gene Ontology” room block.
    • Check in as early as Oct 6; check out as late as Oct 12.
    • Last day to get the group rate: September 6, 2019.
  • Description: A normal hotel. Has an outdoor pool and a fitness center.
  • Advantages: Closest hotel to meeting location.

The Graduate (formerly the Hotel Durant)

  • Address: 2600 Durant Ave, Berkeley (2.9 miles from the Potter Street meeting location)
  • Phone: 510-845-8981
  • Rate: Average of $210/night for a room with one queen.
  • How to book: No special rates; you can book online
  • Description: No pool or fitness center. More distinctive than the similarly-priced Hotel Shattuck Plaza. A recent article about The Graduate noted, "Berkeley's quirky counterculture is represented by bong-shaped lamps in the guestrooms and a restroom urinal painted with the logo and colors of Stanford, Cal-Berkeley’s arch-rival." Known for having made a brief appearance in the movie of the same name.
  • Advantages: Near UC Campus and Telegraph Avenue, a colorful if slightly sketchy part of Berkeley.

Hotel Shattuck Plaza

  • Address: 2086 Allston Way, Berkeley (2.5 miles from the Potter Street meeting location)
  • Phone: 866-466-9199
  • Rate: UC Berkeley rate: $215/night. Same price for double or single.
  • How to book: You will need to phone and ask for the UC Berkeley rate--not available online.
  • Description: A more upscale hotel than the previous three, it was completely remodeled a few years ago. Has a fitness center but no pool.
  • Advantages: Right in the heart of downtown Berkeley, near BART, Potter St. shuttle, and many world-class restaurants

Getting around / To do / Local activities

The organizers have lived in the area for a very long time. If you have *any* questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us and let us make your stay in the Bay Area more more pleasant.

Getting around

The LBL Potter Street site is located near a highway in a mixed business park and light industrial area.


Walking from the Emeryville hotel (Four Points Sheraton) to the meeting site is doable, but not necessarily a "pleasant" walk. It takes about half an hour.

Walking from downtown is not advised and would take about an hour.

By car (inc. "rideshare")

If you are driving to the GO meeting, parking should not be an issue--while there will be no on-site parking, there is usually plenty of on-street parking in the surrounding area if you can walk a little. If you intend on driving, contact Seth or Nomi for details and fill out the form so we can submit for site access in the week before the meeting.

The are usually plenty of Lyfts and Ubers in the area. The downtown area is about 10-12 minutes away.

By public transportation

From downtown

LBL shuttle

There is a fairly frequent LBL shuttle that directly connects downtown Berkeley area and the Potter Street site:


You will need to show an LBL guest pass to board this shuttle. We can provide these on request--contact Seth or Nomi and fill out the form so we can submit for site access in the week before the meeting. The shuttle is often a 15-person van, so large groups may need to split up at peak times.

Bus (AC Transit)

There is also a bus that departs from near downtown and the Durant hotel and has a stop quite near the Potter Street site:


From Emeryville

While it does not run directly by the hotel, one would need to walk a little and cross a bridge over the tracks, there is a free public shuttle that runs from near the hotel to near the Potter Street site: The Emery Go-round (https://www.emerygoround.com/standard-service.html)

Biking and scootering

The are is fairly well served by various "last mile" solutions.

Rental bikes (now Lyft, previously Ford GoBikes) are available at various locations (https://member.baywheels.com/map/), including downtown Berkeley and near the meeting site (next to the Berkeley Bowl grocery store).

Food and drinks


Downtown Berkeley has lots of places to eat. The LBL Potter Street location is much more limited for cafes and restaurants, but there is a large supermarket with a cafe (Berkeley Bowl) a few blocks away. Ubereats and the like are always an option for people wanting more variety and many of the organizers will have vehicles and may be doing various errands about town anyways, if there is something in particular you want or need.

Seth will be happy to talk nearly endlessly about local restaurant, bar, and tea/cafe opportunities.

Official and unofficial GOC dinners

Tuesday, October 8, 5:30pm: Rotten City Pizza, located walking distance between Potter Street and Emeryville. Beer, wine, cider, pizza, pool & darts. Pay your own way.

Wednesday, October 9, 6pm: GOC meeting dinner, Stella Nonna (1407 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley). Covered by registration fee.


For people interested in hitting the gym or swimming, the UC Berkeley recreational facilities are open to the general public with day passes:


The main rec facility and pool location is a short walk from downtown Berkeley. Several of the satellite pools have reduced day pass rates.

Things to do in the Berkeley area

The popular "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass" festival (which leans more towards alternative rock than bluegrass) will take place in San Francisco, Fri-Sun October 4-6.

On Wednesday, Oct 9, we will break early for an optional hike in Tilden Park.

On Thursday, Oct 10, there will be an optional outing to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. The Exploratorium is open Thursday evenings until 10pm for adults only (18+). To add to the fun, we'll take the ferry to San Francisco from the Berkeley Marina and then get dinner near there.


The GOC meeting will adjourn at 12:30pm on Thursday, October 10; lunch will not be provided (but there are places nearby to buy lunch). You should allow 1/2 hour to get to Oakland airport by car and 1 hour to get to SFO.

If you're staying around until Friday, there's an optional expedition on Thursday evening (see above).


Please add yourself to the table if you plan to attend! (If you don't have edit permission, you can instead fill out this signup form.) Don't forget to register and pay via Eventbrite.

Name Organization GOC meeting (Oct 8-10)? GOC dinner (Oct 9)? User Meeting (Oct 7)? Hotel Paid via Eventbrite
Chris Mungall LBL Yes Yes Yes N/A
Nomi Harris LBL Yes Yes Yes N/A
Seth Carbon LBL Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Eric Douglass LBL Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Peter D'Eustachio NYULMC / Reactome Yes Yes No Four Points
Paul Thomas USC Yes Yes Yes Four Points
Judy Blake JAX Yes Yes Yes Four Points Yes
Ben Good LBL Yes Yes Yes Four Points Yes
Jim Balhoff RENCI Yes Yes No Four Points Yes
Kimberly Van Auken WormBase, GO - Caltech Yes Yes Yes Four Points Yes
David Hill MGI, GO - The Jackson Laboratory Yes No Yes Four Points Yes
Harold Drabkin MGI, GO - The Jackson Laboratory Yes Yes No Four Points Yes
Karen Christie MGI, GO - The Jackson Laboratory Yes Yes Yes Four Points Yes
Laurent-Philippe Albou USC, LBNL Yes Yes Yes N/A
Edith Wong SGD Yes No No N/A Yes
Tanya Berardini TAIR, Phoenix Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Leonore Reiser TAIR, Phoenix Fo' sho yes yes N/A Yes
Eva Huala TAIR, Phoenix Yes Yes Yes N/A
Suzi Aleksander SGD, Stanford Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Mike Cherry SGD, Stanford Yes Yes No Four Points yes
Huaiyu Mi USC Yes Yes Maybe Four Points
Ruth Lovering UCL Yes Yes Yes airbnb
Adam Wright OICR Yes Yes Yes Hilton Garden Inn Yes
Justin Reese LBL Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Petra Fey dictyBase, Northwestern Yes Yes Yes Berkeley Inn Yes
Dustin Ebert USC Yes Yes Yes Oakland airbnb Yes
Pascale Gaudet SIB/GOC Yes Yes Yes airbnb not yet
Tom Hayman RGD Yes Yes Yes Four Points Yes
Sabrina Toro ZFIN Yes Yes Yes Berkeley Inn Yes
Michelle Giglio IGS Yes Yes Yes Hotel Shattuck Plaza Yes
Suvarna Nadendla IGS Yes Yes Yes Hotel Shattuck Plaza not yet
Alex Ignatchenko EBI Yes Yes No Hotel Shattuck Plaza Yes
Helen Attrill FlyBase Yes Yes No Four Points Yes
Jeff De Pons RGD Yes Yes Yes Four Points Yes
George Georghiou EBI Yes Yes No Hotel Shattuck Plaza Yes
Tremayne Mushayahama USC Yes Yes Yes TBD Yes
Anushya Muruganujan USC Yes Yes Yes Four Points Yes
Valerie Wood Cambridge Yes Yes Yes airb&b Yes
Felix Gondwe SGD, Stanford Yes Yes No N/A Yes
Patrick Masson SIB Yes Yes No Four Points Yes
Paul Sternberg Caltech ? ? ? Four Points? not yet
Bill Duncan LBL Yes Yes Yes Four Points not yet

NOT attending (please indicate if you will attend remotely):

Malcolm Fisher (Xenbase) will attend remotely.

Li Ni (MGI) will attend remotely.

Birgit Meldal (EBI Complex Portal) - remotely if required (need to see schedule) / manageable (I'm +8 hours)

Stacia Engel (SGD) not attending - son on Fall Break so we're doing family stuff

Remote attendees can join us via Zoom (Zoom link will be sent out before the meeting)