21 July 2015 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT conference call minutes, July 21th, 2015

Participants: Janos, Rama, Huaiyu, Paul T, Suzi

Agenda and Minutes

svn update for the new PANTHER release (Huaiyu)

When a new PANTHER library is released, a small fraction of PTNs my be removed or merged to a different family. Some of them have been paint-curated. Currently these PTNs are lost in GAF. There should be a process to update the changes in PAINT svn. When the PAINT opens a curated family from svn, it updates all the files to the new version of library, but this is not part of the update in paint.

  • Huaiyu - A PTN that has directly paint annotations (IBD) can disappear from the family with the following scenarios.
  1. The PTN no longer exists in the new library.
  2. The PTN is moved/merged to a new family that is
    1. painted already (in svn), or
    2. not painted

The entire original family may or may not in the library anymore.

  • Suzi -
    • For scenario 1, the PTN is removed from the GAF file. Nothing else needs to be done.
    • For scenario 2.1, the PTN is removed from the GAF file of the original family. It's annotations are not transferred to the GAF of the new family. (Huaiyu: The IBD annotations should be transferred to the new family).
    • For scenario 2.2, the PTN is removed from the GAF file of the original family. Right now nothing is done. Probably to create a new GAF with lines of PTNs with IBD annotations.
  • Huaiyu - Should the PTNs be removed from the original GAF. It would be nice that a systematic process be run to make all the updates when the new library is released.
  • Suzi agreed, and said that it is part of the touch-up.

All agreed that this should be discussed further offline to work out a process to handle these changes.

PAINT curation progress (Huaiyu)

The google doc has been updated. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eVhVeNq9FEEo-mH9TAa6CaoerUtgVIVrOaA6yodBeOM/edit?usp=sharing

PAINT family presentation (by Janos)