25 MAR 2014 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT Conference Call

March 25, 2014

Participants: Karen, Rama, Li, Donghui, Suzi, Paul T, Huaiyu

What area to curate

  • Suzi: At the GO meeting, it was agreed that the PAINT curation would focus on the area with ontology development and literature curation.
  • Rama: Val just completed the fission yeast cell cycle pathway. David (Suzi pointed out that Emily actually started it) did the glycolysis textbook-based curation. Based on these work, there have been efforts to improve ontology and literature curation. PAINT curation probably can focus on these areas.
  • Karen: It is more efficient to curate families that are more familiar with. Would like to curate families with cilia genes, with help from Paola.
  • Paul: Does it makes sense to do PAINT curation at the same time with literature curation and ontology improvement, or should PAINT curation be focused on areas other than those?
  • Suzi: It is nice to do PAINT curation at the same time with the other efforts, because it can provide feedback to help the ontology development.
  • Rama: Besides cell cycle and glycolysis, PAINT probably should also focus on protein modification, especially ubiquitination, and translation, because these are the areas that the consortium has a lot of expertise.
  • CONCLUSION: PAINT curation will focus on the following areas: cell cycle, glycolysis, cilia genes.

A buddy system for PAINT curation

  • Suzi suggested a buddy system that pairs up paint curators to review each other's work. This is to make sure that the PAINT curation is accurate and correct.
  • Karen and Li expressed concerns that there is not enough overlapping domain expertise among paint curators.
  • Huaiyu had concerns about the efficiency of the process, and suggested that paint curators are encouraged to ask help when they are not certain about the propagation, but they are not forced to pair with anyone. He also pointed out that he was doing spot check from time to time.
  • Karen suggested to use the paint call to present their curation as part of continued improvements. They can get help from it also. People should rotate.
  • Everyone agreed it was a good idea, will start from next paint call.
  • Rama indicated that we can still get experts' help, for example, we can get Val's help in cell cycle curation. SGD also has a lot expertise in this pathway.
  • CONCLUSION: We will start to rotate on presenting PAINT families starting next call. We will also involve experts during the paint curation.

Next PAINT call

  • The next PAINT call is supposed to be on April 8th, but that is the week for the Biocurators conference. It was suggested to move the meeting to April 1st. Karen tentatively will present a family.