2 December 2014 PAINT Conference Call

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December 2nd, 2014 PAINT call minutes Participants: Pascale, Marc, Huaiyu, Karen, Paul, Suzi, Moni, Li


Synapse Jamboree Updates

  • Paul T: It would be good example if we can find a tree with annotations mainly in the non-mammalian genes that can be used to infer mammalian genes.
  • Karen: From the gene list, it seems that many genes are not those traditional synaptic vesicle genes. They are more regulatory genes that are involved in many processes.
  • Pascale: Maybe we should ask Kimberley or Petra to see if there are such genes in worm and dicty.
  • Huaiyu: The best non-mammalian model organism with synaptic protein well studied is probably drosophila. Still, it is better studied in mammals, especially mouse and rat. It would be difficult to find such an example.
  • Pascale: We could also search in Amigo2.
  • Action item: Contact Kimberley and Petra for this question.


  • Karen: This issue was discussed at the last call. We should continue.
  • Huaiyu sent out an email on Nov. 24 describing the problem. He did not prepare it for this meeting.
  • Suzi: This was discussed very early on. Need to find the email trails about the decision.
  • Huaiyu: STOP was probably still in the version used during the 2012 Stanford Jamboree. The user manual created at the time has the function in it.
  • Pascale: We used NOT with IRD to replace STOP, and to mean the function is stopped.
  • Suzi: The NOT is still propagated to the leaves in the GAF file.
  • Action item: Let's postpone the discussion to the next PAINT call. Huaiyu will present the example and the problem. Suzi will find the old email trail.