2nd Nov 2022 PAINT Conference call

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Marc, Pascale, Huaiyu, Dustin, Anushya, Paul


PANTHER17.0 release update

PANTHER 17 is released and now supported in PAINT after QC and validation were performed.

Release stats folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OokW5IfD2zx4wLGlacwqy0uj3G3DIUtP

Summary stats:

  • IBA annotation change: -7.91% (-316642 IBAs) Google sheet
    • Compares last 15.0 IBA release (from 2022-09-26) against the new 17.0 IBA release.
    • New IBA GAF release uses new code to remove redundant term annotations. This reduced IBA count by 2.95%.
  • Families where IBD, IKR, IRD counts changed: 1447 Google sheet
  • Families that "require paint review": 1674 Google sheet
  • Families that lost all PAINT annotations: 175 Google sheet


  • Create version of "Families where IBD, IKR, IRD counts changed" that does not factor annotations that were moved to other families (Dustin)
  • Create report of PAINT annotations that were completely lost, i.e., not moved to diff family or descendant node (Dustin) Google sheet
  • Mark families that were deleted in "Families that lost all PAINT annotations" report

New PAINT software release on Oct.31st, 2022

The build has the following updates:

  • Landing page (http://paintcuration.usc.edu/) now displays version of UPL and Full GO version release date.
  • Updated to refer to UPL17 data
  • Updated to handle Domain information from family library file system. This will improve performance
  • Added handling for active site information. This can be accessed in the MSA tab via Menu MSA and Domain->Key Residue. Any sequence with active site information will be displayed in bold face. Mouse over the amino acid to view active site information. Coloring is as follows:
    • Active site – black
    • Binding – Red
    • Metal – Orange
    • Multiple residue types – Magenta
  • Updated for code cleanup and optimization

Continue discussing PAINT human paper

Here is the link to the manuscript: