3 Feburary 2015 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT call minutes, Feb. 3rd 2015

Participants: Rama, Moni, Karen, Marc, Pascale, Huaiyu


  • Rama raised the question about refGenome in col 15 in PAINT gaf files. Refgenome has been obsoleted, so it should be changed to GO central. This will be deferred to Suzi to answer.
  • Pascale brought up the question about species specific GAF files not being generated for over 5 weeks. This is related to the email trail she and Suzi had around Feb. 1st.
  • Karen has problem opening the family PTHR11254. The java console shows that the software can't locate a ARATH gene (ARATH|TAIR=At4g38600|UniProtKB=Q6WWW4). Karen originally sent out an email with the problem on Jan. 20th, and resent it on Feb. 3rd again.

All three questions will need Suzi to answer. Since she is not at the meeting, there is no resolution.