7 April 2020 PAINT Conference Call

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Discussion points

Release stat files


Release stats are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cq0onIH_zpPbOH3j8h2jGNvsAk20chKD

  • IBD counts: before/after update (not reflecting curation - just changed in those counts immediately before and after the release). Lists the subset of families for which IBDs are affected
  • IBA counts MODs:
    • Count number of IBAs on each PTN, only for the 12 MODs
  • IBA count - for all species
    • Others ???

Services added in the Panther API


Implementing the taxon checks


Looking at the Superoxide dismutatse example (PTHR10003) and showing that one can propagate 'mitochondrion' to the root, it looks like the work is not finished. Anushya will send a test version of PAINT when ready.