7 July 2015 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT conference call minutes, July 7th, 2015

Participants: Moni, Karen, Pascale, Suzi, Huaiyu, Paul T, Marc

Agenda and Minutes

"GO Central" cleanup (Karen)

Now that we've got a version of PAINT that is correctly generating the "GO_Central" source with the underscore (Thanks Suzi!!!), I was wondering what we need to do to fix all the lingering "GO Central" ones with the space that were committed with beta13. Will these be fixed the next time the Touchup script runs, or do we need to something specifically to correct these?

  • Suzi: The touch up script fixes it.
  • Pascale: Maybe we need to know what other fixes that the touch up script does.
  • Karen: Chris provided a one-line script to fix it.
  • Suzi asked Karen to pass the script to her so that she can fix the problem systematically.

Here are the instructions Chris provided to fix a GAF saved by beta13:

perl -npe 's/GO Central/GO_Central/' PTHR16517.gaf  > PTHR16517-fixed.gaf 
diff PTHR16517.gaf PTHR16517-fixed.gaf 
mv PTHR16517-fixed.gaf  PTHR16517.gaf

PANTHER new release follow-up

Huaiyu asked if there is any issues in PAINT related to the new PANTHER release. None reported. Karen opened a family from svn that had been previously curated. All the annotations were carried over to the new tree correctly.

Pascale raised the issue of server down from time to time so PAINT can't access the PANTHER database. The USC group will follow up on this to make sure that the server stays on.

Family presentation by Moni