9 July 2019 PAINT Conference Call

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Review action items from last call

New PAINT version: 2019_06_28_1: New features:

Anushya: demo domains on MSA ?

  1. Fix to resolve issue with software not saving some books.
  2. First pass of displaying domain information in MSA panel. Mouse over the domains to view the domain name, accession and range. There are 2 options:
    • Domains overlaid over the MSA. Dots and dashes are colored lighter.
    • Domain strips without the MSA information.
  3. The software now retrieves and displays PANTHER Library version 14.1
  4. Annotations to the following terms is not permitted from the PAINT client:
    • GO:0005515 protein binding
    • GO:0005488 binding
      • If annotations to the above terms are encountered in the data store, these are ignored by the PAINT server and also not reported via web services.
  5. Changed order of radio buttons in Manage Books dialog so that search by book id appears first
  6. Fixed sorting in Manage Books dialog after sorting by column
  7. Fixed annotation panel display issue after comment dialog is displayed

Families to review- Panther 14


Specifically, this sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SO8D0PhWEjpTv8rDIXkY8yJf-hhKB0t1Q5n18vFqH2Y



IKR annotations

  • Huaiyu: requirement is to include IKR annotations at the leaf level from the GO annotation table -> leaf gene that has a NOT annotation. Should behave the same as and EXP NOT annotation
  • Anushya: need to look into a solution for this


Dustin, Marc, Michael, Huaiyu, Anushya, Pascale