9 September 2014 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT call minutes, Sept. 9, 2014

Participants: Karen, Suzi, Judy, Paul T. Huaiyu, Rama, Moni.

PAINT software update

  • Remove HTP annotations in PAINT - need a few test families. Paul T tried to search PTHR families with PMIDs in Amigo2. It was not supported. Suzi asked to put this in the SF tracker.
  • Suzi: Some updates have been done in PAINT. IKR by Uniprot is supported now. Will add the functionality to remove HTP. Also found a few new bugs. Will fix. Should we push a release now or wait for later when all the bugs are fixed?
  • Paul T suggested to push a release with whatever we have now. Suzi will do a release later today.

PAINT jamboree

  • Paul T: Probably worth to track and report the real time everyone spend on the jamboree, and have a realistic estimation of the progress.

Family discussion

  • Karen discussed the PTHR13237. It is a family already curated by Marc. Karen asked whether she could make modifications on the paint annotation, because she disagreed with a few of them.
  • Paul T: It is fine to make changes, but probably should ask the original curator, in this case Marc, why the annotations were made. The reasons may also be in the Notes.
  • Since Marc is not at the call today, it is difficult to discuss the family in details. It maybe a family to discuss in the next call.
  • Huaiyu needs to send out the reminder earlier, with an agenda so the presenters can prepare for it.