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The acts upstream of or within annotation relation is used when the experimental evidence is not sufficient to determine the mechanism relating a gene product's activity to a biological process. Annotations using this relation often come from mutant phenotypes for which further characterization has not been performed, but the authors wish to report the effect that the gene has on a process.


c acts upstream of or within p if c is enables f, and f is causally upstream of or within p. c is a material entity and p is an process.

Child Terms

Examples of Usage

  • A gene product that has some activity, where that activity may be a part of a pathway or upstream of the pathway.
  • For now, this relation will be considered a grouping term.
  • Curators should choose one of the positive or negative effect child terms.
  • If examples arise where one of the child terms cannot be used, we will include them.

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acts upstream of or within

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Last reviewed: March 9, 2018

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