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Welcome to AmiGO's wiki home on the web. This is the central public repository for AmiGO news and the locations of help, FAQs, manuals, articles, technical information, and working group information.


The current stable version is 1.7 (, tagged amigo_1_7_0_0). It is available for direct download at .

Information on the upcoming version is at the 1.8 site. There is also an article and link to the current beta site.

Version numbers are as follows:

A = Major release
B = Standard release (general testing)
C = Bugfix release (test of fixes)
D = Text fix release (minor changes that don't need testing)

The last two numbers are mostly for internal use.



Go here to look at frequently asked questions about AmiGO. Over time, this will probably be absorbed into the AmiGO manual.


AmiGO is a collection of several discrete components that interact with each other. There is a manual available for an overview of AmiGO and it's abilities. A good place to get oriented.


Application note in Bioinformatics.

Working Group Information

AmiGO Hub Working Group

Web Presence Working Group