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Gene product details page provides information about the individual gene product. This includes gene product information, with a link to the database providing the data and access to the protein sequence (if available), and all of the Gene Ontology annotations (including GO term, reference, and evidence code) for that gene or gene product.


The information section displays the following data associated with the gene or gene product:


The used for a gene or gene product (e.g. 2610002M06Rik, SHH).


The common name of the gene or gene product (e.g. nuclease, ATPase).


The feature or sequence type of the gene or gene product. Typically a gene or protein.


The species from which the gene product comes.


Other names for the gene or gene product.


The data source that provided the annotations to the GO Consortium.

Additional Information


Term associations displays a table of the GO terms that the selected gene or gene product has been associated.