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= Components =
= Components =
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== Home ==
== Home ==

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AmiGO 2 is a project to create the next official web-based set of tools for searching and browsing the Gene Ontology database, which consists of a controlled vocabulary of terms covering biological concepts, and a large number of genes or gene products whose attributes have been annotated using GO terms.

The most current installation of this software is at the public site.

While we are getting the new documentation sorted out, plase take a look at the pages in Category:AmiGO_2_Manual.

More technical information about AmiGO 2 can be found here.


The current installation docs can be found here.



Home allows simple quick searches using autocomplete and the new GOlr backend.


Search interactively searches and filters the GO data as you type. Also allows you to use a powerful search syntax (including boolean operators).

Examples workflows are also documented.

Term Page

Term pages contain common information about GO terms and their annotations.

Gene Product Page

Gene product pages contain common information about gene product and their annotations.


The Grebe search wizard can be used to quickly answer common questions using a fill-in-the-blank approach.


Visualizes the GO graph. Freely make your own ontology graph, including label and color changes. Please see the documentation for more details.


GOOSE is the GO Online SQL Environment. Using this, users may query the GO database directly using SQL, or edit one of the already made templates.