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Gene Product Detail Page

Gene Product Details page provides information about the individual gene product search result. This includes:

Gene product information with database cross-references and access to the protein sequence.

All of the gene ontology term associations (annotations) for the gene product.

The header of the page displays the gene product symbol.


Information displays a list of fields associated with the gene product.

Name.  ????

Type. Gene, protein ????

Species. The Gene Ontology Project provides a controlled vocabulary that can be used across all species. Gene products from many species have GO annotations. This field specifies the source species of the gene product. Clicking on the species name brings you to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Taxonomy Browser where you can find more information on the selected species.

Synonyms lists other names for the gene product.

Database. The gene product's data source provider and the assigning group are displayed. The data source provider links to the gene products page at the provider's website.

Sequence. A FASTA representation of the sequence of the gene product is displayed when available. ??? (Is it FASTA format?)

Term Associations

Term Associations displays a list of GO terms that the selected gene product has been associated to. Each term association includes the following information:

Term name. Clicking the term name will bring you to term detail page. Clicking 'view association' link will display all gene products associated with the selected term.

Ontology. The GO project has developed three structured controlled vocabularies (ontologies) that describe gene products in terms if their associated biological processes, cellular components and molecular functions in a species-independent manner. Each term is assigned to one of the three ontologies. Clicking the ontology name will bring you to the Gene Ontology Consortium homepage ( with a detailed description of the selected ontology.

Evidence code. Every GO annotation (or term association) must indicate the type of evidence that supports it; these evidence codes correspond to broad categories of experimental or other support. To see the full name of an evidence code, just place your mouse over it. Clicking the selected evidence code will bring you to the Gene Ontology Consortium homepage ( where you can find a detailed description of the selected evidence code.

The Qualifier column is used for flags that modify the interpretation of an annotation. Allowable values are NOT, contributes_to, and colocalizes_with. More information can be found on

Reference. Clicking the reference link will bring you to the source reference that the data source used to make the association.

Assigned by.  ???

Filter results

You can filter associations using the Evidence Code and Ontology filters. These will limit your results to those terms in the selected ontology (or ontologies) that are annotated with the chosen evidence code(s). All the filters allow you to pick one or more of the options, and will default to 'all' if no options are selected. After you have selected the desired filters, click Set filters to display filtered results. Click Remove all filters to display un-filtered results.