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Current items: - GO wiki layout (change lefthand menu from Annotation Outreach to Annotation Coordination, and move all annotation pages under this page?

- Working groups for GO camp --- could someone from SGD please join the Downstream effects working group? As we discussed the different annotation methods by SGD and S.pombe might make a nice example of the inconsistencies in annotation practice. --- alerts to groups to initiate kick-off calls.

- GO Consortium meeting action items

New items:

- Doug Howe's query on with field for use in IGI annotations

- Reference Genome targets - delay new heart target list to allow GO camp discussions? (Pascale)

- Ben Temperton, Paul Carini (Giovannoni Lab regarding their annotation pipeline of the SAR11 genomes) from Pascale.

- review RCA code documentation

- get annotation working groups up and going.

- make protein binding documentation

- start looking into implementing annotation QC checks.

- Association file Readme updates (Rama)- oops, i was thinking of a SOP document that we put together some time back. Ignore.

Action items

  • Rama- High-throughput working group
  • Pascale- Annotation propagation - [Pascale:] (1) sent email to Paul Thomas and Alan Bridge; we still need to establish who else will be part of the group. (2) We made a lot of progress in establishing SOPs for PAINT at the meeting in Princeton (April 12/13 2010), see RefG_Princeton_April_12-13_2010 - still in progress.
  • Complex
  • Binding- QC checks- Emily et al (current QC checks-
  • Pascale- send email/doodle poll about response-to [Done, meeting will take place Thurs April 22 at 9 AM EST]
  • Pascale- agenda item about cell proliferation [Done - added as a discussion topic for the camp [2010_GO_camp_downstream_effect] ]
  • Emily will reply to Doug's email on IGI
  • RCA- leave it as is until Camp