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Present: Rachael, Rama, Emily

Improvement of the Annotation Documentation on the GO website

- Rama: perhaps on the main horizaontal list on the GOC pages - instead of documentation we should have 'annotation' and 'ontologies' shown directly (documentation isn't very inspiring)

- all in agreement as to taking these pages apart.

- Possible page layout: - What annotation data the GO Consortium provides; how it is maintained and how to get at it (AmiGO/files...possibly moving on to predictions - e.g. BLAST2GO?)

- description of the information contained in a GO annotation - linking closely to format and then out to more focused annotation guidelines (that could come from the GO camp?) -- Literature-based annotations

-- Electronic/Predicted-based annotations.

-- Annotation Guidelines and policies (Where GO camp guidelines) - importance that any information is linked effectively with FAQs.

- How communities can interact with the GO Consortium, either contributing or feeding back on annotations. To be called annotation resources

ACTION: Rama: will take on the literature-based annotation page

Rachael: will take on the electronic-based anntoation page

Emily: will take on 'How communities can interact with the GO Consortium

- these mock-ups will be added to the GO wiki, and will be discussed at a later annotation management meeting.

Wiki location:Mock-ups of new GOC Annotation pages